By Ava Allen

You who watches our children die

But who claims gun control is the reason why

You who speaks words forged in someone else’s mouth

While the bullets rain down

You, disgusting you who claims to care

While overlooking souls that were once there

You who is controlled not by care but by your bank account

Who hides the skeletons in your closets but brings other people’s out

You strut around like a queen in your expensive wares

While our borders are invaded without a care

You are vile

How can you claim the ones who save lives

Are the ones that should be jailed for using their rights

You cower like a child while others die

You make me sick

You claim to give all that you have

But that wall around your mansion says otherwise

You may have once known what we are going through

But those memories are long lost to you

You will always be what you have always been, a coward

Hiding behind the the legacies of people that are as vile as you

God bless America the red white and blue

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