By: Gurnasib Rataul

When the Thanksgiving decorations go down,

And the Christmas tree goes up, Christmas is here.

Carrying the tree down gently feeling its’ flaky and spiky bristles

The walls take in the sharp, fresh smell of the pine tree.

The tree so glowing and radiant, a rare sight to see.

Waking up from the aroma of sweet and fudgy brownies,

Rushing downstairs to see the perfect square shaped treat

Begging my mom to try the delicious dessert as it falls right into my mouth.

Savoring the taste of it forever.

Waking up the next day to Christmas morning, a day everyone wishes came faster.

Tearing the beautiful, glossy wrapping paper so quickly like a roller coaster,

Cheerful, joyful smiles, and laughter, a sight every parent wishes to see.

Ending the day by spending every second with family as the decorations are begging not to be put away.

Happiness and memories scan through my mind,

Wishing I could relive those moments for an eternity

Every little moment is worth to be happy about.



2 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Your poem really brought back memories from Christmas. The figurative language allowed me to image the poem.

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