A War of Words

By: Hamzah Jamal

I’m Kim Jong Un

                                                 I’m Donald Trump

We hate each other

I have Nukes

That won’t do

I make peace treaties

Why can’t you

I hate you

We sent our defenses

Into the sky

I would do that

But Nanci won’t let me try

Your country sucks

People worship me

like a god everyday

Unfortunately  your hairline

It’s like an annoying little brother

You can’t keep it in place

Melania wants you

for your seemingly endless amount of money

Your wife wanted to get away

from your oppressive society

You are  a terrible person

I’m hungry

let’s get some food

No, there is no lunch for you

After all you are as big as your nukes

You let other countries’ problems

creep into yours

you waste so much money

fighting useless wars

All countries deny trade  with you

You actions leave your people scavenging

for food like raccoons

Your country is going to fail!

Wait, let’s leave this argument for another day

we can shake hands and pretend it’s okay

Many people are watching us with our eyes

we cannot let them see our despise

 Let’s pretend to negotiate a deal like we usually do

But I will go back to my country

Still hating you

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