A Day in Spring

By: Isaac Yoo

As I walk home during the desolate, cold days of spring,

I hear the lonely wind howling in the air,

The pine tree is as still as the lamppost and the crunch of the rust-colored twigs beneath my shoes occasionally break the silence,

I finally reach my home, exhausted,


The red bricks of my home seem agonizingly similar as I walk up the old, crumbling stairs,

I grasp the black, unstable rail,

I set my sight on the doorknob,

Before I ring the doorbell, time stops,

Doubts break into my mind slowly, but leaves like the car sprinting past me,

I am prepared to hear the same meaningless assurance, words that mean nothing,


“Ding”, I hear the ring of the doorbell,

I reassure myself there is nothing to hope,

I am a prisoner chained down by doubt, negativity, and hopelessness,

I drag myself onto the vibrant red carpet only to be welcomed by the pounding footsteps of my mother,

Suddenly my mother rejoices like church bells in a wedding,

I experience a wave of relief, knowing that the pain of waiting for the results is over,


As the blanket of night covers over the Earth,

I hear the sound of crickets,

I see the leaves outside dancing in the wind,

As I see the moon, a shimmering diamond rise,

I look forward to another day full of joy and happiness.


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