The Lonely Road

By: Rachel Najjar

As I look around

I see families, friends, and couples

All together

Loving, laughter, and smiling

But when I look at my own reflection

I only see a broken heart written on me

As I walk down this lonely road

The aromatic of ash clogs up my nose

My vision,

One clear,

Is now clouded

As well as my judgement

My heart beats ever so low

All I hear is a whimper for help

I finally arrive

To the only place

That never brought me sorrow

The ice cream parlor

Open till midnight

The place that brings joy to young lovers

But to me

It’s a place I’ll never forget

I sit in the same spot

As he and I once did

I still eat the same flavor

But now

All I taste is my own bitter regret

I run outside in tears

My whole life split in half

I feel like my heart just got ripped out

Ever since you left me

My heart has been colder than dry ice

You left me without any warning

Like a sprinter launching off to start

I don’t know what to do

I guess I never will

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