Heart in the Snow

By: Bill Pek

I’m all alone

Don’t call my phone

Do I wanna cry?

No, I wanna say goodbye

Between you and I, this is do or die

Skies were grey, so you flew a kite

You reeled me in so I would bite

You brought me in and gave me comfort

After a while, you had me battered

You took my heart, and left it shattered

You let me go

My heart froze in the snow

You were like a flower

Beautiful to see bloom

But at the same time, horrible to see rot

Got me way too depressed to express how I feel

What’s your deal?

Is my pain your freedom?

Is it your heart’s content?

You were like a gift but became a curse

You killed me inside, and left me in a hearse

I drown in my tears

Every single year

You’re my biggest fear

As I sit by myself, the room sings

I wanna close my eyes and spread my wings

Because I feel none

I look towards the end

I can’t seem to forget the pain you seem to give, my friend

I know the time has come

I can’t feel anymore, I’m numb


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