Goodbye, Tree

By: Grant Boddie

The wind is blowing.
I start to sway.
Leaves are crunching below me.
Summer is fading away.

I look at my friend,
She looks back at me.
The wind sweeps me away.
Goodbye, tree.

I feel myself drying
As the sun beats down.
My edges are curling,
Got me turning all brown.

I keep thinking of my friend
High up there in that tree.
I know that soon before long,
She’ll forget about me.

Moment by moment,
My life fades away.
In the back of my mind, I know
The last day of my life is today.

Is it selfish for me to ask
For my friend to join me?
It’s my last dying wish,
But she’s too high up in that tree.

What she doesn’t know
Is that she was more than just a friend,
And I’ll never get to confess my love,
For I am nearing the end.

I guess life was too short
For me to get close to anyone.
Because I only fell, and now it’s over.
Goodbye, tree, my journey is done.

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