by: Abby Montgomery


That’s it they are gone

Like leaf in the wind

The feeling of being punched cripples me

No way to relieve the pain

They are gone

Death stood by the door long enough and then finally took them away

The taste of bitter defeat

I am glass

I am broken

My one support is gone forever

I will try to glue myself back together

But one piece will always be missing like a hole in me

I can try to patch it up but it will never fit the same

They are gone, I am glass, there is no going back.

3 thoughts on “Gone

  1. I like the similes that are used to convert the feeling of being broken. The tone/mood is also somber without being angry or overly sad, it’s just kind of empty. I like your poem.

  2. I like how you compare yourself to glass it not only helps people relate to you but it also adds a little bit of imagery

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