A Sisters Story

By: Ella Walters & Amelia Valli


Ugh! I have nothing cute in my closet!

Where did that blouse go?

I have nothing to wear!

I can’t wear my Vans!

Where did my Berks go?

I’m leaving in five!

Oh! I can’t wear that sweater again!

Where did that scarf go?

Outside is like a human freezer!

My hair is a rat’s nest!

Where did that curling iron go?

We have to go!

There must be a window open!

Where did my sweatshirt go?

This always happens!

You know who probably has something cute in there closet?

You know who probably took it?



You took my stuff!

But it’s like the clothes are waiting to be taken!

You always do this!

Can you not take my stuff?

It’s like my own personal mall!


Just leave me alone!


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