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If you missed the live stream, it's here!

Class of 2020 Graduation — June 17

Unfortunately, it looks like we don’t have a recording of the morning part of the graduation.  We aren’t sure what happened as this is the first time that the recording hasn’t automatically been saved.  The afternoon recording of June 17 is from approximately 11:30 am EDT (3:30 pm GMT/15:30 UTC) until approximately 6:00 pm EDT (10:00 pm GMT/22:00 UTC).

Class of 2020 Graduation — June 16

​Part 1 ends at approximately 10:50 am EDT (2:50 pm GMT/14:50 UTC).

There were no graduates scheduled between the end of part 1 and the beginning of part 2.

​Part 2 starts at approximately 11:30 am EDT (3:30 pm GMT/15:30 UTC) and ends at approximately 6:00 pm EDT (10:00 pm GMT/22:00 UTC).

Class of 2020 Graduation — June 15

Part 1 ends at approximately 1:30 pm EDT (5:30 pm GMT/17:30 UTC).

We did have an Internet failure, and unfortunately, we may have missed a few graduates while we were trying to fix it. We did try to make a backup recording, and we will post the missing graduates if we are able to recover the video.

Part 2 ends at approximately 5:45 pm EDT (9:45 pm GMT/21:45 UTC), after the last graduate of the day.

Athletics National Signing Day Ceremony

Rising Knights for 2nd Quarter

Curriculum Night Rising 10th, 11th, & 12th Grades Presentation

Program begins at time 0:40.

Curriculum Night Rising 9th Grade Presentation

Program starts at time 4:25.  We had a little audio problem on the daily schedule slide but everything else recorded well.

Rising Knights

We tried the iPad app for our streaming service.  The audio isn’t the quality that we were hoping for.  I think we need to use video cameras when possible to get the quality we want.

Poetry Out Loud

The program starts at time mark 4:20.  This was our first time live streaming on this platform.  We did have a camera malfunction part way through round one and missed one performance.  We learned a lot, so we are hoping for a smoother experience at the next live stream event.

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