Out of My Mind (Post 4, Friendship)

The inclusion program in “Out of My Mind” removes Melody’s protective bubble, exposing her to good, and also bad things.  Her first inclusion class is Music class, where she meets a friend named Rose.  Rose, unlike other kids, spends time with Melody, and even goes to the aquarium with her!  The other kids from room H-5 meet friends too, but it is easier for them, since they have better communication and mobility than Melody.  One negative result from the program is the regular kid’s attitudes toward the H-5 kids.  Most of them make jokes about them, especially Claire and Molly.  The author points these characters out the most, because, other than her condition, they are her main antagonist.  Claire and Molly make extremely inappropriate jokes out of the teachers line of sight.  Melody also finds Claire and Molly at the aquarium, where they mock Rose for hanging out with Melody.  Mrs. V ends this conflict by scolding Claire, and explaining how Claire and Melody’s only difference is the severity of her condition, using Claire’s braces as an example.  “‘Some people get braces on their teeth.  Some get braces on their legs.  For others, braces won’t work, so they need wheelchairs and walkers and such.  You’re a lucky girl that you only had messed-up teeth.  Remember that.'”  Melody has always needed a friend.  Shes always been alone in her own world, and adults obviously think differently than children (most of them feel obligated to be kind to her, and children do not), so it gives her a kind of pride that she could make a friend her age.  A true friend to me is someone who I have a lot in common with, who I can relate to, and who understands me.  Some of these do not apply to Melody’s friendship, but I think Rose definitely understands her.  Friendship is extremely important in school, not as much in elementary school, but for anything above 4th grade, where your brain has matured, you practically need friends to get past school.  I do not think I could have gotten past middle school, and enjoyed some of it without friends.

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