Out of My Mind (Post 2, Ollie the Fish)

Sharon Draper shows significance of Ollie by focusing on how the fish is trapped in his fish bowl for all all of his life – that is until he jumps out.  The author also shows how Ollie’s life mirrors Melody’s by describing how he is trapped in his bowl and sees everything outside his bowl, but can’t reach it.  This relates to Melody because she can see, hear, take in, and understand everything around her, she just can’t reach it or interact with it.  I believe the fish jumping out of the bowl will represent something that will occur later in the book (foreshadowing) that relates to her being freed from her ‘prison’.  If she ever gains some way to communicate, that will directly compare to Ollie jumping out of his bowl.  When someone misunderstands me, I will always attempt to explain to them the truth, or what really happens, because if I don’t it will feel like that person doesn’t understand, and I may get frustrated with them.  I am fully able to talk and move around, but sometimes it is a struggle to explain things to people.  With Melody, she can’t talk, walk, or truly communicate, so I cannot even begin to imagine the level of her anger when she can’t explain her thoughts to people.

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