Out of My Mind (Post 1, Chapters 1-4)

The powerful discussion of the power of words and language explains to the reader that Melody is no ordinary child, especially one with her condition.  It also helps seize the reader’s attention by showing how she views the world with descriptions that typically relate to foods (lemons), and other objects that she captures with her mind.  The reader can make predictions about how Melody’s life will change (how it is a story) and she may not succeed in elementary school (she had not gone to pre-school).  Inferences can also be made about how she will attempt to prove the doctor wrong, and possibly use him and others that do not believe in him as motivation (similar to Jeremy Anderson’s story).  More inferences can be made about how her thought processes will develop as she gets older and gets even smarter.  It will be interesting to see how Melody progresses through life and school.  Will she find some way to communicate and show how smart she is?  Will she prove her disbelievers wrong and her believers right?

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