Ollie the Fish

Ollie the fish is significant because he connects to Melody.  Ollie jumped out of his own fish bowl, which according to Melody he just swam around the small bowl in circles.  I think Ollie felt trapped and tried to escape.  Just like how Melody feels inside her head.  She feels trapped not being able to talk or move.  It’s like Ollie and Melody each have their own type of prison.  Ollie was trapped in a small circular bowl and Melody was trapped in her head.  Melody was very frustrated that she wasn’t able to tell her mother and had to scream to get her attention.  Melody I bet was also angry at her mom for not getting there sooner and not being able to save Ollie.  I have a feeling Melody felt annoyed and angry for not being able to tell her mom what happened, therefore her mom thought she knocked over the fishbowl herself.

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