Melody’s Diagnoses

The discussion on the power of words and language is important to the story because the main character, Melody, is unable to express herself using spoken words.  It captures the reader’s attention when Melody refers to words a gift and makes you realize you are lucky.  Melody has never spoken a word and she is “almost eleven years old”.  I predict that Melody will continue to be frustrated because she can’t talk and say what she is thinking.  I also predict that because of her diagnoses others will think that Melody is “retarded” or unable to learn.  I infer that Melody’s mind is smarter than majority of the characters in the story.  In the book Melody says she as a photographic memory and absorbs everything.  I also infer that Melody’s mind is like a prison and her body and diagnoses is preventing her from escaping.  So therefore she is stuck in her mind with all her thoughts and words crammed around her.

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