All American Boys Jan 2, 2019

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Jason Reynolds

Brendan Kiely

310 Pages


 I like all All American Boys. The novel is about an African American boy named Rishad who got attacked by a police officer which accuses him of shoplifting and is fighting back and saying that he was just helping an old lady with her groceries. The story made sense and the event can happen in real life but the ending was unclear and I think there should be a sequel. Overall I think that the book is a 4-5 because the ending is the most important part of the story because you are reading the book just to get to the ending but it was just confusing and ended on a cliffhanger.

End post All American Boys

Today we have ended the book All American Boys. My question was why the cop who beat up the main character Rashad didn’t really get a trial so how did the book end. They answered by saying that the ending wasn’t really clear  but the trial is leading towards justice. My second question was why Miss.Fitzgerald wasn’t there during the protest that she sponsored but it turns out that is was just out of sight but she was really there. The group had more discussions about the ending than the whole part because the ending wasn’t telling us about what happened to the cop. It was like there should be a sequel to the story.

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