Cherub Book Review

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  Realistic fiction/342 pages/Published 2004

          Cherub is a book series that revolves around a secret organization made up of child spies. Our book club read the first book, The Recruit, which focuses on a main character, James. James is going through the recruitment process in which even the tough recruits can’t make it to the end. I thought the book was fine, but it was very stretched out. It was filled with lots of action and suspense which was what made the book so intriguing to me.

          I give this book a 3 out of 5 because while it was interesting, there were many moments that I think didn’t have to be included.

I think this was a good book club but I feel that it was rushed because we had to finish in 3 classes. Our discussions allowed me to think more about the ideas within the book, which helped me when reading.