Gym Candy Section 2 Discussion

Our group discussed section 2 of the book Gym Candy by Carl Deuker. Mick, the main character, starts to lift weights seriously. He goes to the gym, Popeyes, and he drinks protein powder. He invests $150 a month in protein powder that he can’t really afford. He works for his dad and he starts painting his house in order to afford the cost. One of the best questions we discussed was

What do you think Mick will do next?

This brought a lot of discussions. We all thought different things because there are many different directions. I believed that he might continue doing drugs just because he is so determined to do well in football. Some of my other book club members believed that he will realize his mistake and stop his addiction. Another interesting question that I presented was

Why do you think Mick turned to drugs even though he frowned upon it before?

We all came to the same conclusion; however, it took us some thinking for us to figure out. We, as a group, came up with the reason that he thought the other team was doing drugs, so he believed it was okay for him to do it.

I was surprised by the different points of view me and my other members had. I believed that we would have the same thought process for all the questions; however, that was not the case. I constantly found myself disagreeing with my book club members. I learned that people can think about things in a very different way. During the discussion, I was wondering about what would happen next in the book. I always saw myself trying to open the book so I could read on. I believe the actual discussion went extremely well. We were all so intrigued by the book, and we all wanted to talk about it. We also did a lot of things bad. We were constantly interrupting each other. We were all so eager to get our opinions out.


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