Book Club #2

Today my group had our second book club meeting. I was absent, but my open ended questions were “Do you think James is leaving the food, and if so, why?” and “How do you think Timothy’s mom feels about him spending his time at Jose’s house?”.

I think James is the one leaving the majority of theĀ  food for Timothy’s family because he sympathizes with Timothy. I think he understands that Timothy is struggling and that Timothy’s mom would not accept food that was handed to her. So he probably figured that in secret was best.

I think Timothy’s mom is relieved that she only has one child to look after, but she also feels guilty that Jose’s mom has six children to look after now. I think she feels like a bad mother because she was slightly neglecting Timothy. I think she realized that Timothy was only a kid. But she also was relieved that she could focus all her time and attention on Levi for a little while.

House Arrest Book Review & Reflection

Verse Novel- 296 pages- Published 2015

This was a good, easy book It’s a short book that tells the story of Timothy, a young kid who has to take on the role of a father. His father leaves him, his mother, and his baby brother Levi. Levi has a breathing issue and lung problems. Levi’s medicine is expensive and since they are running low on money, Timothy steals a wallet to pay for Levi’s medicine. He gets house arrest and has to visit a probation officer and a therapist. Timothy struggles with poverty and the absence of a father during the book. This story is told by Timothy in first person. I recommend this book for people who like short books. It’s interesting

I liked doing blog posts because they were easy. I didn’t like how we met up every other class because I read ahead and it got hard to remember which things happened in which section.

4/5 stars.

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Book Club #3

Today our book club group finished our book. We also had a thoughtful discussion about our book. My questions were, “If Timothy hadn’t been caught, do you think he would’ve felt bad?” and “Do you think he hates his Dad?”. These questions both generated a good amount of discussion. Some of the other questions were, “How does it make you feel when Timothy has to be a father figure?”, “Do you think Timothy is uncomfortable that James and Mrs B are dating?”, and “Why do you think Timothy’s Dad called?”. All of these questions generated a fair amount of response. I think that was a good discussion because we listened to each other.

First Book Club Meeting

Rylyn, Hannah, Teia, and I recently had our first book club meeting. We’re reading House Arrest by KA Holt. It’s about a boy named Timothy who steals medicine for his baby brother. He then gets house arrest and is forced to write in a journal. His dad left and his family doesn’t have enough money to pay for basic necessities. We’ve read about a third of the book and I am wondering what will happen next. I feel bad for Timothy because his mom focuses only on his younger brother, Levi, and doesn’t have enough time for him.