Final Book Club Review

  Realistic fiction – 246 pages – Published 2007 Peak by Roland Smith is about a boy named Peak who loves to climb. He climbs a skyscraper and gets in huge trouble and goes to court. Everyone decided the best result they could have is if Peak goes to his dad in Asia. Peak’s dad, […]

Day 3

My book club book finished our last section of the book, Peak. One of my two open-ended were how hard would it have been for you two let your friend go to the top for safety and you stay back when your really close to the peak of Everest. We said it would’ve been really […]

Day 2

Our book club book finished the second section of our book. We had to write 2 open ended questions. One of my open ended questions was what will change now that Peak knows Sun-Jo is Zopa’s grandson. My group said that not much will change because Peak doesn’t really care about it, but he is […]

Book Club

My book club book is called Peak by Roland Smith. My group members are Sid, Vikas, and Cooper. In this book a kid named Peak gets in big trouble for climbing a skyscraper. His long-lost father comes to help and takes him to climb Mount Everest. They have prepare for climbing. In the book. I […]

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