“Trapped” Book Review

January 2/19

The book “Trapped,” by Michael Northrop is a book about high school students that are trapped in their school. This on the edge book is 232 pages long, and was published in 2011.

The main character “Weems” or Scotty is suck in his snow buried HIgh school, with his friends and some girls. The school has no power, no heating, and frozen pipes. They have to survive on almost no water and a limited amount of  food. Along the way they constant obstacles to survive, and they don’t know if they’ll even survive the night.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes “on the edge of the seat” books. This trilling book make you want to read the book all day, and constantly wonder what is going to happen next.

I rate this book 5/5 stars *****


Title: Trapped

Author: Michael Northrop

Setting: Taitawa High School

Year Published: 2011

Number of Pages: 232 pgs.

Citation:     Northrop, Michael. “Trapped.” Amazon, Amazon, 1 Dec. 2012, www.amazon.com/Trapped-Michael-Northrop/dp/0545210135.

“Trapped” Book Meeting #3

In this meeting we discussed the cliffhanger at the end of the book. We also predicted what happened beyond the book based off of our open answer questions.

Last class we predicted that someone would die, and we were right.  Since Pete was so sick of being there he tried to get out with his friend’s golf cart, but he never made it back. Later Weems found his body in the everlasting snow. The book ends with Weems trying to find help when he soon loses consciousness in the snow. People from the military found him and he got rescued by their helicopter. The book ended with Weems telling them about his friends at the school.

Leaving us to wonder what will happen next…

“Trapped” Prediction Questions

In the book, “Trapped” there is a very on the edge plotline. My group put together some questions of what we think might happen later in the book. Here are some of our questions:

“What obstacles do you think they will have to deal with to survive?”

“Do you think they will survive in the blizard? If so, how?”

I predict that the kids will somehow make a fire and live off of the food in the cafeteria. I think that they will survive, but barley. It would be the most memorable thing in their lives.


“Trapped” Book Club Meeting #1

Book: Trapped

Book Club Members: Hadya, Ellie, and Sidney

Me and my club members decided to read the book “Trapped,” by Michael Northrop. The story is about a character named Weems, and his friends that are trapped school, due to a snow storm. They have no heat nor power and are trying to survive in these horrible, life threatening conditions.

I’ll update y’all later,

Don’t be trapped… Be FOUND!!!