Book club meeting 3

This was our final meeting, we all have finished the book and enjoyed it, a seven out of ten. My two questions were; “How would you react if you’re dad said you couldn’t climb the summit of Mt. Everest after you’ve worked so hard to do so?” and  “Would you have done what Peak did to let Sun-jo be the youngest climber to climb Mt. Everest?”

book club meeting 2

I was absent the day my club had a meeting, so I could not be in on the conversation. My two questions would have been, “Who do you think will make it to the summit, who won’t? why?” and “Knowing all the hardships, would you climb Mt. Everest in the future? Why?”

Book club meeting 1

My book club is reading Peak, an adventurous book about a boy named Peak who climbs Mt. Everest. We read the first one hundred pages and everyone seemed to like it. My two discussion questions were; “How would you feel if you were moved against your will over to another country with a father you didn’t know very well?” and “Would you want to climb Mt. Everest, and why?”