Climate Change Catastrophe

I sent my Google site to my AP/DE Biology teacher whom I interviewed for my research paper. I selected her because she is familiar with the issue of global warming and when I interviewed her, she stated climate change as one of the issues that the medical and biological industries are facing right now. Even though she knows about climate change, she stated that she doesn’t keep up with current events so I decided to send the site to her as a way to bring more awareness and inform her more on this issue that she already didn’t know about. 

 I chose a google site as my genre because I believe a google site is easier to navigate and within a few clicks, you can explore the different aspects of the topic described. Instead of making a video where people stop paying attention after a couple of minutes, the google site helps them work on their own pace and look through the information that they want to look at. The site can also be accessed on phones and pretty much anywhere they want without much difficulty. I just wanted my teacher to be able to access it without much conflict. 

Having a blob of text without any space, pictures, or changes in font style can really bore the audience. To prevent this from happening and to make my site visually appealing and interesting, I added bullet points, pictures, changed my font to italics and bolded important information. I wanted my audience to really read the information on the site and not get bored by just plain, long texts without any pictures. I also changed some of my sentences from the research paper to make them sound simpler. For example, I changed my writing structure from “They need the help of the general public to solve the crisis before it’s too late…. Even though individual changes may seem trivial, individuals together make up society. If every single person takes part in solving this crisis, then this plight can be ameliorated in no time” to “Even though scientists are doing their part in improving the climate calamity, it’s still not enough. We need your help. Individual changes may seem like nothing but if every single person takes part in solving this crisis, we can solve this issue in no time.”

Overall, I made my google site short, informal, and right to the point for my new audience so she has an easier time reading and absorbing the information given.


I try to make all my blog posts relatable and personal. But this post is not something we can all relate to. Out of all the posts that I have published, I realized I never mentioned my culture or where I come from. Well, maybe I did once in my “Not Another High School Artifact post” post but sill. (Go check it out by the way!) Anyway, let’s start.

I was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, a very small country in Southeast Asia that no one knows about. The people’s way of life in Bangladesh is what gives Bangladesh its culture. 

Now, before I go off, let me tell you, we are not related to Indians! Please, stop calling us Indians! It’s so irritating. Don’t get me wrong though. I don’t hate Indians. I even have several Indian close friends and I respect their country a lot. It’s just that Bangladesh is a different country and we deserve our own representation. We even fought to have our individual language, Bangla! Like come on, that’s impressive!

I value culture a lot. Mainly because I come from such a different and diverse country. I love all the things I used to do and wear in Bangladesh. Unlike people who migrated to America and changes their “lifestyle” to fit into this country, I try to do the exact opposite. I still wear my traditional Bangladeshi clothes when possible, eat Bengali food (they are so delicious and spicy!) and listen to Bollywood music (even though Bollywood is more from India, we Bengalis listen to them like crazy). 

All these things are what makes me me and I’m very grateful that I was born and raised in such a diverse and cultured country.

From what I have seen and heard, I believe we should all be proud of where we come from and who we are as a person. Instead of hiding your true identity and being more “American”, we should take pride in ourselves. Our different personalities and backgrounds are what makes us truly unique. It makes life exciting. Just imagine if we are were all the  same? Oh, how boring life would be then!

When is this quarter going to end?

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Senior year has been hard. I know I talk about how hard my life is all the time but it really is. Taking several AP/DE classes, being a member of several clubs, working during weekends, studying for tests, applying to colleges- it’s a lot! I have never been this stressed in my life before. Except maybe when I went on dangerous rides in Kings Dominion or other amusement parks where there are stress as well as fear of death. But, this stress is constant. I’m constantly feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work I have to do and even when I work on it for several hours, it never seems to get done.

College Applications take a lot of time to complete. Before this year, all we had to worry about was our homework, quizzes and tests in the classes we were taking. But this year, on top of everything else, you have college applications. Everyday, I’m completing bits of the common application as well as the required questions asked by the colleges, but it just never seems to end. I would plan out a schedule for example from 6pm-8pm, I would work on the activities section of the common app. It would be 8:46pm and I still would not be half way done with that part. Then, I would scream out loud in my room due to utter frustration and anger. This would always leave me with minimal time to do my actual homework for my classes and study for any quizzes or tests. (I knew I should have taken easy classes this year! Ugh!) 

Even now, as I’m writing this blog post for the month of October, I’m writing it at 12:41 am because I was working on completing my Penn State questions for more than 3 hours. The deadline for early action is approaching in ten days so I need to get them done as soon as possible! And guess what? On top of this, the first quarter is ending in less than two weeks! Isn’t it just great?

 Life is just crushing all of us seniors in different ways this year. Or maybe it’s just me. 

Rainy Days

Rain. I love rain. The sound of drops of water falling down from the sky just makes everything so peaceful and tranquil. It makes me feel very happy inside. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t like walking or being outside in the rain. It’s drippy, makes your clothes wet and turns your hair big like Monica from Friends when she goes to Barbados. It gets crazy!! But, when you are glancing at it inside, it is mesmerizing and one of the most beautiful things in life. 

I remember a day when I had school off for some reason and it was pouring outside. I woke up to the sound of raindrops and thunder outside my bedroom. I moved the curtains to each side of the window and sat down on my bed watching and listening to the rain doing its thing. The sky was all gloomy and humid which made me want to stay in bed longer. The nice and chilly feeling that I got from the house after that rainy day was the best feeling ever. 

It was pouring today too. The day of Bowling for seniors (for those who actually paid for it) while everyone else took their PSATs. When I got off the school bus to Bowl America Dranesville, I felt cold drops of water that fell on my head and started running to get inside the building. Today, I didn’t really enjoy the presence of rain. I only saw it as a bad weather condition. I quickly went inside the building and started bowling with my friends. 

What I have realized about rain is how similar it is to life. Just like we have mixed feelings about life, we also have mixed feelings about rain. Or at least, I do. While life can be hard and annoying sometimes like rain, it is important to understand the significance of it. Enjoy it while it lasts. Don’t get so caught up with everything around you. Life is full of hurdles and it will challenge and “shiver” you every bit of the way. It is vital to see past these obstacles and enjoy life as it is. In the midst of life is where you find true tranquility and happiness.


Honestly, I have no idea what came to my mind. I don’t even know if my comparison of life and rain makes sense. I just let my fingers type what it wanted to type. Anyway, keep scrolling or drop a comment below to get one of your required comments done here in this confusing blog post about rain! Thank you!

Not another “High School Artifact” post

After scrolling through multiple blogs that my peers wrote for their blog posts, I came across so many posts that is about their “high school artifact”. And guess what their high school artifacts are? Something related to sports. Duh! Was that a hard question?

If you are anything like me, I suck at sports; I’m just horrible at it! Mainly because I never got the chance to try a sport when I was young. My parents just never got me into anything. I don’t blame them for it though. I was in Bangladesh, a small country in southeast Asia that no one knows about. I didn’t even know lacrosse, softball, field hockey and football were sports! Like whatttt? 

I finished middle school in Queens, New York City and moved to Virginia to start my high school life (because my parents just decided to move here for some reason instead of NYC). I tried so hard to become an athlete. I became so obsessed with the idea that when I was a freshman, I decided to play varsity tennis despite never playing tennis before. I also went to the girls basketball tryouts in sophomore year without knowing what a layout was. I was such a loser.

Now that I look back, I know the reason I wanted to play sports so badly: I wanted to fit in. Almost all of the guys and girls in high school played some kind of sport. Even in Heritage, sports are given more priority than academics, clubs, etc. And you know what the worst part is? The players are only friends with their team members. Not all but mostly are. Even during classes, all they talk about are games,practices, football games, blah blah blah. It made me feel more different. More separated from the students around me in school. But luckily, as time went by and I finally became a junior in high school, I started to ease away. The obsession with fitting in and wanting to play sports started disappearing.

Overall, what I’m trying to say is, sports is not everything! While some might perceive sports as the most crucial thing in life, others might not feel the same way. It’s just another thing in life that can be lived without. 

Writing a college essay is difficult

Senior year of high school: the year of applying to college(s). And much more. But, let’s focus on college for now. There is just something so scary and apprehensive about completing college applications. While getting an acceptance letter from a college will fill your heart with content and pure jubilation, getting a rejection letter will leave you feeling desolate and disheartened. That’s pretty rough! And you know what the most daunting part of the college application process is? The essay. 

If you are anything like me, I suck at writing. It’s just something I have always struggled with and still do. I can never express my thoughts and feelings on paper. Even when I’m typing this right now, I don’t know what to write for my next sentence. Even if I do know, I don’t know how to make it flow better or make it sound finer. I have read so many books, articles, magazines,etc., hoping that it would help me write well but nothing has worked so far.  

Apart from academics, test scores and extracurricular activities, colleges want to see you. You as a person, not some robot who does a million things at once. They want to see that you are a real person behind all those papers. While you can write about your whole life story in your college essay, it’s more important to write about a particular topic/event that changed you as a person. Be as specific as you can on a particular area instead of jumping back and forth into multiple topics. This is what terrifies me.

Colleges want to see your vulnerability, personality, background, interest, etc all emerged into one well-written essay. But what if your biggest vulnerability is writing? What if you still haven’t completely overcome it yet? What if you are still struggling with it? Well, then I guess you are screwed.

Organic Object-Apple

I have an apple. Out of all the organic foods in my house, I chose you which means you are special. Or maybe not. When I first saw you, I wondered what I should write about you. I mean, you are just an apple. A homespun, ordinary apple. 

Your skin consists of vivid and vibrant colors. A mix of red, orange and yellow shades are what make you flavorful in the inside.You are sweet, but not as much as mangoes. But I still like you! I remember cutting into one of you once when I wanted to have a healthy snack for work. After 10 seconds of cutting into you, the juices of your body started flowing on my cutting board, reducing your sap. Why can’t you hold onto your juices tighter?

Your life must be abhorrent and vile. I mean, think about it. You grow up from a single seed in the ground, develop your roots, get bigger, form your round shape and eventually get picked up by humans. And what do we do with all of you? We bite into each of your soft yet hard texture and chew until every piece of you is tiny enough for our stomach to swallow. Your black,  desolate seeds and your central area are all you are left with.Technically naked. 

You are getting old though. The more I look at you, the more I see myself and how we humans live our lives. We, just like you, grow from our roots (mothers). We grow up, go to school, go to college, get our degrees, get a job, get married, have kids and eventually get old and wait until death comes for us. However, after you are born, you get kidnapped from your family and  shipped off to multiple places. After being thrown and squished in with other apples, you land in a strange house where humans live and finally wait for your fine death in the stomach of humans. Don’t you miss your siblings? Or the tree that provided you with everything? Do you shed tears when you feel lonely? Come on, talk to me! I guess we will never know because all you are to me now is a rotten, odious apple ready to be tossed in the trash!