Stress is a very big part of a high schoolers life and everyone can probably relate to it. I am going to talk about my experience throughout the first quarter of senior year. As it turned out, the end of the first quarter and early decision for college applications was Nov. 1. It has been a very  busy two months. In addition to all this, I also work at Vineyard Vines clothing store. I took an SAT prep class and spent much time doing practice tests before taking the SAT exam for the last time in Oct. Back to college applications, During the summer I visited the universities I am interested in attending. Throughout the quarter I worked on reviewing the requirements for all seven schools and preparing my applications. I met with my guidance counselor, wrote college essays, requested transcripts and letters of recommendation, and filled out the applications on both the common and coalition app. In addition to all of this, I need to keep up with my schoolwork and exams. For example, I had a Pre-Calc test, four page rhetorical essay due, a project  and field trip in AP Earth Science, blog posts in English DE, homework, etc. All these assignments and deadlines flooded the last two weeks. his was all very stressful. One thing that helped me persevere through the past hectic and demanding week was the four day weekend that was coming up after. This definitely helped motivate me because it was a weekend of no plans or work that I would have to otherwise do. I could have probably managed my better is some form or another, but that was even difficult with the quantity of general things I had to finish and submit.

Pulled Over!!!

While stopped at a traffic light on my way to school one morning, I was pulled over by a policeman. In fact, when I saw his lights I thought he was going after someone else, but quickly realized he was pulling me over since I was the only one on the road. I recently got my drivers license and was a cautious driver and since I was stopped at a light I had no idea why he pulled me over. He told me I was stopped too long. I did not understand and had no idea that was even a thing. I responded respectfully but was puzzled. When I arrived at school I spoke with both the driver’s education teacher and the policeman. I showed them the ticket and explained about receiving the violation and asked for their advice. We also noticed the officer wrote my dad’s name on the ticket instead of mine.
They both recommended I go to traffic court to appeal it. Three months later, I went to court with my parents. When the judge called my “dad’s” name, we both went up. The officer explained that I took too long to go through the light and that he felt I was being distracted by my phone because my head was down. When the judge asked him how long it took me to go through the light, he said he did not know. The judge then asked me to explain. I told her I noticed I needed to get gas. The judge dismissed the ticket.

High School Artifact

I decided to write about a different artifact than the one I originally brought to class because I thought it was more fitting to the topic.  My highschool artifact is something that I made in my Tech Ed class during junior year.  When I took Tech Ed during my freshman year, I did not expect to be extremely into this class.  After the first year, I learned so much, so  I decided to take it all of my four years at Heritage. Although, I originally brought to  flash drive to class, it was not my first choice artifact.  I just forgot to bring my first choice to class, so I improvised. The artifact that I made during my tech ed class in Junior year was a metal dice.  One reason I chose the dice was because it was the one thing that showed my progression in that class. Collectively with all I learned in class and the skills I gained I was able to build a dice made of stainless steel.  I never thought I would enjoy an elective as much as I did.

This was the first project that I was tasked to do by myself after learning how to weld, I planned  out how to build  it. In order to construct the dice I did the following.  First,  I cut six  Identical  pieces of stainless steel for each of the sides.  Second, I welded the sides together to form a cube. Third, I  used the drill press to create each of the dots to represent each side of a dice. Finally, I sanded out all of the irregularities of the aftermath of the weld and the drill to make it as clean and as smooth as possible. Making this dice by myself was a very rewarding experience.

My New Computer

Every since I started High School I have wanted to build my own computer from the ground up. I have always thought this would be not only fun but a great learning experience. I am very interested in working with technology and computers. In the future. I want to become a Computer Engineer.  I hope to have a job one day working in this field.  Since I am always using computers, what better way to learn about them, then to build one. I decided to do just that.  Computers consist of both hardware and software. The first step was to determine both my hardware and software requirements.  What I wanted in a computer. I researched all the different components necessary for the computer to function, their compatibility, along with what I wanted it to look like. The aesthetics of the computer was important me. I bought all of the newest technologies and parts for the build. There were various websites that provided the information I needed for this project.  Another important factor, was the price. Once I knew what I wanted to purchase, I compared pricing from different companies and then ordered everything.  My next step is to research and plan the process of building  my computer. I will draw a design of where everything should go and how I want it to look. I will then begin to assemble  the physical hardware. Once that is complete, I will turn it on, to ensure  everything is powered appropriately by the power supply. Once it is up and running, I will then install the operating system and software.  If all goes well, I will have my own personalized computer (PC)

Organic Object – Urct


It’s pretty cool how you exist because of how you start off as a seed that is in the ground. Then after you spurt up into a big plant with multiple stems and leaves. I picked you off of that plant this morning before you were edible, so in a sense I killed you before you could grow up and become anything  which is kind of a harsh way to put it. This is in a way like when you give up on a dream. Since you are not ripe/fully grown I can’t really do anything with you other than write about you. While I have been thinking about an unripe tomato for about 6 minutes I have some questions for you. How did it feel growing up hanging on by a thread. 

Today is going to be an update about my friend Urct the UnRipe Cherry Tomato. He has started to become brown, which I guess means he is starting to decompose and will pass away, I wonder how it feels. I mean it probably pretty painful. It’s just disintegrating or the water inside it is evaporating or something like that. I’m not to sure what is happening on the molecular level but it is probably an easy search.

Today is about death and despair. I don’t know where he has gone or if I am ever going to see him again. Its my fault I totally forget about him over the weekend and never thought to check on him. So there are three possibilities, Maybe he was thrown out because of how old he had gotten, Maybe he just “poofed” and vanished into thin air, Maybe he grew legs and packed his bags and walked out the door. Whatever the case may be im going to miss Urct. I guess if it was that third possibility he could have stolen that five dollars that was on my table, caught a bus, so he could be anywhere by now.

readings A06 A07

After reading both of the writings, it seems that the author in 06 seems to feel that while writing, you need to have a variety of vocabulary, not just use the same set of words over and over again. Unlike the author in 06 Repetition in writing can add many things to a piece, some of which had never come to mind before. One interesting quote I found in the writing from 06was, “Repetition can be so powerful, in fact, that it can threaten to call attention to itself, overshadowing the message of the story,”. I have never thought of repetition as being a valid and powerful way of showing your point of view. I also have never been taught to use it in that way, which makes this a new skill that can be used in future writings and will allow me to have a more advanced and diverse writing style.