Sports Marketing

I decided that my target audience for my google site was going to be sports fans of any kind, but mostly appealing to hockey fans. I chose to describe the different tactics that sports marketers use to appeal to young fans and get them to come out to more games and to also grow the sport of hockey. Some different ways are through Teddy Bear Tosses, promotional nights, the Winter Classic, and the Stanley Cup Playoffs. All of these different events play a big role in the expansion of hockey to younger players because they are all unique: teddy bear tosses happen after the first goal is scored, and promotional nights bring out free terrible towels for fans to wave around during the game. The Winter Classic brings hockey back to its roots at the baseball or football field, and playoff hockey is a thing that you don’t want to miss, all the chips are down. I chose to use some parts of my research paper because I felt that it really described how different strategies were used and how the big bucks can be made for the teams through different events. The audience changed through my genre because I had to make it centered towards fans to show them what some sports marketer’s tactics are in getting you to buy the tickets and apparel. I also sent my communication to my older brother to show him what could be getting pulled on him.


Yes, I know while today is the last day of October or Halloween, I still think that Christmas is the best holiday out there. It’s because of the energy and the hustle and the atmosphere that the holiday brings into our homes. Christmas also brings with it cookies, the cold weather, which is honestly my favorite part, and the music. No other holiday has music like Christmas, and there are some very very good Christmas songs. While I haven’t gone in a while, I used to go spend Christmas with my mother’s relatives in Fargo, North Dakota, where snow starts happening the second week of October, which is the coolest thing ever to me. As soon as we get by Halloween, it feels as if it is a straight sprint through the finish line of January 1, where we have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, which all falls within a 6 week span. I also feel that once we get into this season, everyone gets a lot nicer and generous, which works out for all of us, as hopefully we are doing the same to our fellow humans.

My favorite part of Christmas is getting to spend it with my family, as usually we only get to all see each other face to face maybe once a week as with me and my two brothers running up and down the East Coast for hockey, and our parents gone for work cross- country, it usually isn’t often that we are all together in the same place at the same time. I cherish this because while sometimes it’s a pain, it is something to smile about when we are all having a good time with family.

Back to the Top

This year, I think that the Caps are going to return to the top of the NHL in June with Alex Ovechkin holding the Stanley Cup above his head screaming “We are the Champions” because they are unstoppable. After starting off mediocre, they are 7-2-1 in their last ten games, which means that right now, they are rolling right on over teams. After watching a few games myself, it seems as if John Carlson, one of their defenseman, will be an early contender for the Norris Trophy, which is given out to the best defenseman in the league. Right now he has 7 goals and 16 assists in 14 games, which is the second most points in a month (23) for a defenseman in a single month. 

While this is a positive for the Caps, they also have the greatest goal scoring machine in his generation. Alex Ovechkin is his name, and he has a legitimate chance at breaking Wayne Gretzky’s total career goal record with 658 and counting, which is a few behind the record of 894. Ovechkin’s accomplice, Nicklas Backstrom, is a huge part of this, even though he often isn’t recognized for his work. With over 235 of Backstroms 600+ assists going to Ovechkin, this is an astonishing mark considering over ⅓ of his assists have come to Ovechkin. The Caps also have stellar goaltending in Braden Holtby and Ilya Samsonov, the veteran and the rookie, who after watching a few times, can prove that he can ball with the big boys. After seeing this in the first games of the season, the Caps will return to the top this June as Stanley Cup Champs.

Kiss v Starburst

The kiss is very different from the Starburst because of its taste. The Kiss has a smooth chocolate taste that is hard compared to the chewy, sugary smooth feeling of the Starburst. The Kiss had a very shiny bright dome shaped appearance compared to the colored cube that the Starburst is in. Also, the Kiss’s appearance is more appealing due to the shiny wrapper with the long, skinny piece of paper that sticks out of the top. I feel that while both are tasty and make for a nice treat, the kiss is better because who doesn’t like chocolate? The flavor of the Kiss is so scrumptious and exciting that it just jumps out as you before you even put it into your mouth.

While it isn’t my favorite, the Starburst is also very tasty too. The Starburst is good because there are many different flavors to choose from, while the M&M’s are all one flavor under the disguise of different colors. Getting to chew on an orange or strawberry flavored starburst can really put a new taste in your mouth and freshen it up for the few minutes thereafter. 

While on the subject of candy, both of these candies will be out in full force tonight, as many youngsters and their parents go around trick-or-treating, hoping for the best when they ring each doorbell with all the anticipation of what they are going to get in the few small pieces of candy that are tossed into their bags.

College Essay Isn’t a Selfie

After reading the College Essay isn’t a selfie piece, I can now see the other side to why you don’t want to just list everything great that’s ever happened to you, and why you should show a little bit of vulnerability.

Of course, everyone wants to get into any college that they want to, anywhere they apply, but that’s just not the reality of it. Because of the competitive pool of applicants, this just isn’t possible. Yes, it’s disappointing to get that rejection letter, but it could actually be for the best. During this passage, some of the people transform their essays into this masterpiece that could actually change the playing field and their luck of getting into the school of their choice. I’m taking away from this that if you show a time in your childhood that you were vulnerable, it could show how you responded to the adversity, what you did about it, and what you learned from the experience. I think that after reading this, it can be beneficial to show that you are vulnerable because of what those experiences can bring out from them. I feel that you should not just be bragging about all the scores and gpa you have and you should show where you lack some of that strength in a different area, and see what you can talk about there to show a different side of your life that maybe a college admissions officer wouldn’t see if they didn’t read your essay.

High School Memory

This patch means a lot. Out of the 115 teams that are eligible to go to Nationals, only 16 actually get to go to Nationals in April to fight for the title of “National Champions.” All of our hard work throughout the previous summer and every day during the season attributed to having this opportunity to make our mark on the national stage. This was some of the quickest paced hockey I’ve played, and it was fun while we did it. We played Little Caesars, number two, Westchester Express, number seven, and the South Shore Kings, number eleven. We hung with all three of them through 51 minutes for losses of 0-4, 0-4, and 1-4. We didn’t end up getting the results that we wanted or came for, but it was a cool experience that I won’t forget. We also did other fun activities while we were at Nationals, which happened to be in Phoenix, Arizona that year, like going to the Grand Canyon, going on dune buggys and driving around the desert, and playing a lot of basketball over the six days that we were there. We also went walking around town to the In N Out and Sonic, getting burgers and milkshakes after games that tasted really good. I also got to see my grandma, who lives in Arizona during the winter instead of staying in North Dakota year round, and she got to watch me play as well. Even though it didn’t go our way, I still had a blast and had one of the best time playing hockey going to Phoenix in 2017 for the USA Hockey National Championships.

Organic Object – Tomato

The tomato is ripe and fresh-looking and yummy and ready to eat. It is very smooth and has a nice shine where the light hits the side of the tomato. The stem is twisty and has a few leaf looking things on the bottom. The tomato is speckled with tiny dots and a few lines, which is probably the result of people being negligent with the tomato. This can be compared to athletes through the bumps and bruises that they get throughout the long grueling season. A few days later the tomato has turned into a wrinkly, softer tomato then what it once was. The tomato has evolved, like a human, from a young bright tomato that was once bright and showed signs of energy into a withering old tomato that was near the end of its life. Towards the end of the tomato’s life, it isn’t looking good, with wrinkles all around its small sphere with it also being soft all over, even a small child could put a dent into its skin without effort. The stem had also shriveled up, showing that the tomato has seen better days and has begun its last hours. The life of a tomato is like any other animal’s life, through the days of being fresh and energetic, showing colors, to gaining experience and wisdom that is needed to have a successful life. The life then goes to the older stages which starts to show the physical changes, from smooth and solid to wrinkly and soft.

Repetition Readings

After reading both 06 and 07, it seems that the author in 06 seems to feel that while writing, you need to have a variety of vocabulary, not just use the same set of words over and over again. This makes us want to feel like we are using different words to get across the same point, but it doesn’t seem like we are repeating ourselves in the same way. Pronouns are also talked about during 06 and how you need to find the pronouns inside of the passage while looking for a pattern at the same time.
On the other side, 07’s author thinks that the key in writing is repetition, and by repeating what you say, it drives home your point better. They say that repetition is key to writing powerfully and making a point that will stick with the reader. Like the example with Roy telling Joe that he is dying of cancer, it makes the point that Roy isn’t afraid of death even though he has a life-threatening illness.
The point that both of these passages are trying to get off is that repetition is needed in your writings, but the way that you do it is different. You can either write with the same word over and over again to grab your reader’s attention, or you can use different words to keep them engaged and an active reader. The passages both provide valid point to why repetition is huge in writing and to get your point across effectively

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