England Adventures

Hello all. A week ago I flew to a different country for the first time ever. I spent five days in England, touring schools as well as familiarizing myself with the towns. I landed Saturday morning and went straight to my first tour at Kingston University. Right outside of London, this small university was only a short drive away from the hotel I was staying at. The visit began with a short welcome seminar where I learned about the facilities as well as what this univeristy aimed to bring to its students. After this presentation, I took a bus to one of the housing facilities located on campus. There I learned about where the students lived as well as how their dorm system worked. In many british universities, you do not have a roommate but instead live in a small flat by yourself but share a kitchen with a few other people. This is different than American Universities, where you often live with a roommate. I next went to a workshop to learn about the program I had been excepted to. To my delight, the professer presented us with Venus and Adonis by William Shakespeare. Although I am a huge Shakespeare fan, I will admit my knowledge on this poem was limited but I got to learn a lot about it in the workshop. To end my day at Kingston, I was taken on a private tour of the building by another student. Overall, I had a good experience at Kingston but I was excited to tour my next university on Tuesday. After a day of tourism and a train north, I arrived in Birmingham on Monday. The campus tour was the next day and I was very excited. That next morning, I arrived at the university and began the tour. It was a beautiful campus and I enjoyed walking around it and learning about all of the different departments. One of the most interesting bits was learning about the student union and all of the societies at the school. Although this was just a one hour tour instead of an open day like Kingston had, I really enjoyed Birmingham University and fell in love with the campus. This trip has really made me excited for my future and whichever university I attend, I know that I will be happy and learn a lot about literature.

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