The American Shakespeare Center

Hello all, today I am going to be talking about my absolute favorite place for all things Shakespeare: The American Shakespeare Center. For 3 weeks of the last 3 summers, I have travelled to Staunton, Virginia to attend the American Shakespeare Center’s Theatre Camp. At this camp I learn everything Shakespeare and end the 3 weeks performing in the Blackfriars Playhouse. This theater is unlike any other I have been to because they try to keep their performances by using the same resources. They are most famous for leaving the lights on during their performances, because during Shakespeare’s time they did not have access to the different light technology we have today. The ASC uses “candlelight” (the candles being artificial with lightbulbs to give off light) to light up their stage, as well as artificial sunlight created by putting lights behind opaque windows. Leaving the lights on during their performance allows the actors to interact with the audience, a fundemental part of theater during this time period. The Blackfriars Playhouse is so important to me as an actor and it has really inspired me to study literature in the future.

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