What do I know about Shakespeare?


My name is Grace, and I love Shakespeare. I was introduced to the Bard when studying “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in my 8th grade english class. Just a short year later, I was referenced by a friend to The American Shakespeare Center’s Theater Camp, which I attended for three summers. My combined time at this camp was 10 weeks, and I highly recommend this camp to anyone with an interest in early modern literature or acting in general. It is a fantastic experience where you get to work with professional actors in workshops, attend lectures given by experts and finish the session with a performance at the Blackfriars Playhouse. (ASCTC opened their applications today, it can be found here: https://americanshakespearecenter.formstack.com/forms/asctc2018camperapplication). In my blog, I will be talking about things I’ve learned through my experience and research. I hope to teach people about Shakespeare and convince those who aren’t in tune with his works that learning Shakespearean text isn’t all that bad.

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One thought on “What do I know about Shakespeare?

  1. Grace,

    Looking forward to reading more about your passion for Shakespeare. I remember reading plays in high school English class and being the only one laughing at the bawdy jokes. That is always a clue for me on who really ‘gets’ what is going on.

    Thanks and have the best day ever.
    -Mr. Ajima

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