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Did you know that it is very likely that you live in a parallel universe? I mean, why couldn’t it be possible. The universe is infinite, so it would be likely that there is another universe that is a duplicate of ours. Here are some theories that would prove multiverses or parallel universes to be true:Image result for multiverses

  1. Infinite Universes
    1. Infinite universes would mean that the universe expands infinitely, making it possible for there to be a duplicate of our universe somewhere out there with humans. There might be multiple versions of you out in other universes making different decisions. In one universe, you could already be dead, while in another universe you could be a young millionaire, or you could live somewhere completely different than where you live right now. You could also just not exist in some universes, where your parents didn’t meet or don’t exist.
  2. Daughter Universes
    1. The Daughter Universes or Many Worlds Theory by Hugh Everett is based on the theory of quantum mechanics. He proposed that for every possible outcome to a situation to occur, the universe creates a copy of itself. Australian mathematician Hans Moravec made an experiment in effort to debunk Hugh’s theory, called quantum suicide. The experiment connects a person to a weapon and a machine that determines angular momentum of protons. Every ten seconds, the quark, aka spin value, of a new proton is recorded. If the Many Worlds Theory would not be true, the experimenter’s chances of survival decrease after every quark measurement until it becomes zero. The theory would suggest that in some parallel universes, the experimenter will always survive, therefore achieving quantum immortality. Hans was able to succeed in creating an “elaborate fantasy of an experiment” to disprove what he thought was imagination in the idea of parallel universes.
  3. Mathematical Universes
    1. Mathematical universes are based on the idea that the mathematical structure that makes up our universe is only one out of numerous alternatives, each that exists as its very own unique universe. 

Image result for multiverses

There are many other theories that make multiverses possible. If you are interested, you could even check out Stephen Hawking’s book about multiverses. I mean, imagine what the other universes could look like. Some might be way behind our universe in technology or industrial revolution terms, while others might be way ahead of us. It would be pretty cool to travel from one universe to another, you would just have to avoid coming in contact with the other you. Wouldn’t you want to see what life is like in other universes?

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