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The End of The World: Choosing Survivors

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The end of the world is imminent. Somehow, some way, the earth will be destroyed, but what will the government do to keep the human race alive? The government will probably choose who they think is worthy of travelling on to the next planet ‘Earth’. The government could choose based on who they think is the most important. They would probably choose either famous people, famous doctors/professors, extremely smart people, or possibly children (because they would be the ‘future’). The government could look at all of our school records, spy on us through our phones, or even subject us to a day of testing to determine how well we would survive.  Even the Simpsons, who are known for predicting many events, have just had an episode (episode 11, season 29) that talks about Dr. Frink, a scientist, testing all the residents of their area to determine who is worth saving. Which could very likely happen in reality too.


Of course, they would only be able to allow so many people to go to the new planet, since they cannot build enough spaceships for everyone in the whole world. After all, back in 2015, NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope found a planet similar to ours. The planet’s name is Kepler-186f. The planet seems to be far enough away from the star it’s orbiting, so that liquid water might pool on the surface. It also appears to possibly have a rocky or sandy surface and is similar in size to Earth. Our own reality might as well turn into a movie like “Passengers“.

Besides, who knows, the new planet we land on in the future might have special properties or characteristics that could give humans superpowers, or at least enhance our abilities, just like in Superman.

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