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Hello there my wonderful writers! Today I’ll be sharing with you a “holiday” I celebrate, Ramadan, in order to fit this week’s SBC requirements( I say holiday in quotations because Ramadan is more about reflection and peace rather than partying and festivities). I wrote the post in a freestyle poem format, so I hope you guys enjoy it! (P.S Ramadan is an Islamic festivity)



Have you seen the beautiful moon

with its lunar glow?

Have you heard the Imam say the long awaited words,

“It is Ramadan”?


You may have heard,

but you chose not to listen.

May I ask, 

is it because you believe Ramadan to be a chore?

I will tell you now

your thoughts are in fact invaild, 

for Ramadan is no chore, 

nor is it just about helping the poor. 

Ramadan is a month of solace,

a month to reflect and contemplate.

To purify one’s soul is the goal of this month.

Not to mention

 a reconnection with the religion you chose.


Ramadan is the month of the Quran 

for that is when it was revealed,

so read thy solemn book 

as a way to reconnect. 


Thou should also remember 

that fasting does not happen at the consumer level.

To fast from sunrise to sunset 

includes fasting from that which is prohibited and vile. 


Thou should try to improve thy character

in this holy month.

To show kindness and patience 

Is what you should do. 


Ramadan is all these ideas wrapped up into one,

and that is not such an awful thing, right?


And even if you are not a muslim,

I ask that you might contemplate and reflect

in a month of your own

as a way to purify and cleanse

thy soul of immoral directions,

for we could all use a month like



Let know what type of holidays, celebrations, festivities, or traditions you guys participate in! I loved reading your comments on my week five post, so I can’t wait to see what you guys do this week!


   Thanks for reading and as always, remember to wear your pencils! 

3 Thoughts.

  1. Howdy Ayoob-

    I am dreadfully forlorn at this moment, in a state of utter melancholy as I realize I haven’t visited your blog before. Please forgive me this oversight. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve spent a full fifteen minutes reading multiple blog posts and listening to both your guitar solo and your commenting video. See, I told you I went full boat here tonight…I took a post-to-post tour of your blog, and I’m thoroughly impressed by what I found.

    Young man, you need to keep this blog going right through high school. Once we start producing our own podcasts, you can post those here, too. I definitely envision you having a blockbuster career in media…whether it’s on the radio, in front of or behind the camera, or as a scriptwriter or copywriter. Seize the day…keep stretching yourself like crazy.

    I ADORE all the lengthy blog posts, but definitely consider adding some visual treats for your visitors. We humans are visual beings, so you want to pull us in with eye candy. You can also change the color of your font. Did you activate the Supreme Google Fonts plug-in yet? If you haven’t, it’s a supreme way to bring in design and color through your texts. By the way, this plug-in doesn’t work with all themes (like mine), but you might get lucky! Give it a try.

    I’m off to visit another blog on Sheridan’s Showplace. It was an absolute delight to visit yours!

    Mrs. Rombach

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for participating in the Student Blogging Challenge. Your poem is wonderful. It made me think about an upcoming holiday for me, Thanksgiving. Yes, Thanksgiving is about a feast, but I think my favorite part about it is the gathering of family and time to reflect on what we all are thankful for. We all need to take time out of our busy lives to reflect and contemplate.

    Have you had an opportunity to visit and comment on other blogs that are a part of the challenge? Here is one I think you should check out:
    Randy is from Canada. Do you and Randy have anything in common?Let me know what you think.

    Happy blogging!
    Ms. H.
    STUBC Commenter
    New Jersey, USA

  3. Hello! Good job on your post, I find it really cool that you celebrate Ramadan. In my humanities class I am learning all about the different religions and Islam is one of them. Keep up the good work!

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