Star Wars: The Last Jedi- 1 Step Forward for the Universe

Episode 8 of Star Wars was definitely revolutionary, but was it what all Star Wars Fans wanted?

The Good

The movie did 2 things that this movie nailed

1). Appealing to old Star Wars Fans- They brought back Luke Skywalker as a mentor figure and Yoda as a ghost.  Do I need to say more?

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2). Using new cinematic technology- The scene towards the end over the movie where the rebel ship jumps into lightspeed and crashes into the empire command ship is an absolute masterpiece of screenplay.  It never fails to send chills down my spine.Image result for light speed crash in the last jedi

The Bad

I think this movie wanted to be innovative and as a result had a lot of issues.

1). The Leia Flying through Space Scene- Prior to The Last Jedi, we had never seen Leia use the force.  However, that doesn’t explain the fact she was able to survive the vacuum of space without a spacesuit.

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2). Death of Snoke- This scene definitely surprised people in the audience, but I think it was a cheap way to turn some heads.  The character was undeveloped.  By killing him, Disney lost out on a lot of story potential.

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3). James Corden- Look, I know he is a super well known figure and Star Wars fan, but does that really justify him getting screen time?  I feel like sticking him into a movie series with such a rich history undermines the gravity of this type of movie.

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The Rating

Overall, I would give this movie a fresh rating.  I think people like to bash on this movie because it is different from the original Star Wars trilogy.  If people can learn look past that, they’ll finally see the good in the movie.




The Rotten Potatoes


Movies are one of the best mediums to share stories, experiences, and ideas.  Join me as I expose the ups and fatal flaws of trending films.  (Spoiler Alert)

The Rating System

Rotten– A movie that is actually unbearable to watch.  Imagine the condition of the potatoes during the famine in Ireland; not pleasant

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Mashed–  This rating pertains to a movie that had a good concept, but wasn’t able to live up to the hype.

Image result for mashed potato

Stale– Neither an groundbreaking movie nor a terrible one.  It’s like that one potato that is neglected in the freezer, but is always there for you when you don’t have anything else to eat.

Image result for frozen baked potato

Fresh– Every starch lovers dream.  A movie that receives this rating has fantastic plot that can be enjoyed time and time again

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