Prison Break Review

Ok guys I know there are a lot of good shows on Netflix, but I legitimately think I’ve found the hidden gem here.


Prison Break is basically the story of an unbreakable bond between two brothers.  When the older brother Lincoln gets framed for murdering the Vice President’s brother, he is put on Death Row.  His brother Michael is devastated by the news and decides the only way to break him out is from the inside.  Michael makes an intricate plan before getting arrested that includes tattooing a blueprint of the prison on himself and memorizing the response times of the police.

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If you’re currently in the search for a new show on Netflix, I would highly recommend Prison Break.  The first few episodes are a little boring since he has to set everything up, but once you finally see his plan play out it is so satisfying.  I give this show a stale rating.  The first couple seasons of the show are really good, but with every show it feels dragged out after that.

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Based off a real experiment that was conducted by Stanford University in 1971, this movie has a powerful message to share about human nature.


A psychology professor at Stanford named Philip Zimbardo wanted to investigate the social effects of power so he created a mock prison out of the college dorms and recruited a group of students to act as prisoners and guards.  Like any jail, the prisoners were complete subjects of the guards’ will.  With their new found power, the guards starting abusing the prisoners until they had no choice but to retaliate.  The condition of the prison got so real that the experiment had to be called off

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I’d give this movie a fresh rating because it was incredibly intriguing to watch.  It’s crazy to see how much a coin flip affected the way the college students ended up acting.  I totally recommend this movie especially since it’s on Netflix right now!