The Benchwarmers

This movie has always been on my watch list,  but I never got the chance to watch it until recently when I saw it on Netflix.  I’ve heard stories about how it’s a mix between the Sandlot and Napoleon Dynamite, and honesty I can’t think of a better combo.


The Benchwarmers is basically about three nerdy, unathletic men, who never got the chance to play sports when they were little, making up for the lost time by playing baseball against little kids.  They end up entering in a tournament sponsored by a billionaire and gain the support from around the world with their success

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The production of the movie is questionable at some points, but honestly it doesn’t matter.  The Benchwarmers is a comedy after and was meant to be taken lightheartedly.  Also, the ending gives a good message.  I’d give this movie a solid stale rating