The Stanford Prison Experiment

Based off a real experiment that was conducted by Stanford University in 1971, this movie has a powerful message to share about human nature.


A psychology professor at Stanford named Philip Zimbardo wanted to investigate the social effects of power so he created a mock prison out of the college dorms and recruited a group of students to act as prisoners and guards.  Like any jail, the prisoners were complete subjects of the guards’ will.  With their new found power, the guards starting abusing the prisoners until they had no choice but to retaliate.  The condition of the prison got so real that the experiment had to be called off

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I’d give this movie a fresh rating because it was incredibly intriguing to watch.  It’s crazy to see how much a coin flip affected the way the college students ended up acting.  I totally recommend this movie especially since it’s on Netflix right now!

Bird Box- The Movie that Went Viral

Bird Box has taken the internet by storm these past couple of weeks.  I’ve seen mentions of it from my Instagram feed to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show so naturally I felt inclined to check it out over Winter Break.


Bird Box is a story about Malery, an extremely introverted artist that forces herself to become a leader when a mysterious force arrives in the US that compels people to kill themselves when they look at it.  After being fortunate enough to survive the initial impact of the monster, she learns of a safe haven just down the river of where she living.  In the interest of survival, she wants to go to this rumored place.  The only problem is she has two children and they all have to be blindfolded to protect themselves from the monster.

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Overall, I’d give this movie a mashed rating.  Before you hate on me, I genuinely liked the concept of the movie.  I really enjoy watching movies that try to theorize the inevitable end of our world, and I did not see a suicide monster being one.  The biggest complaint I have about this movie is the way they structured it.  The directors chose a Megamind storytelling approach and showed bits and pieces of the end of the movie as exposition.  Little did they know they were spoiling the rest of the movie because we know exactly what happens to all the side characters introduced during the movie; they die.  Once I realized this, it greatly took away from my viewing experience.


Aquaman- Black Panther Underwater

I watched Aquaman opening night with low expectations.  Before this movie, it was really hard to like DC.  Movies like Justice League and Batman vs. Superman just didn’t do it for me.  I’m happy to report though that Aquaman is worth your time.


Aquaman is about Arthur and his journey to claim his rightful spot as King of Atlantis.  He faces adversity along the way in the form of his half brother, and decides the only way to become king is by getting the Trident of Neptune.

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Conclusion and Rating-

Honestly I feel bad for this movie.  I love Jason Momoa and think he is really steering the DC movies in the right direction.  However, Marvel beat them to the punch with the whole “king rises to the throne plot” which makes Aquaman feel like a Black Panther gimmick.  I’d give this movie a stale rating. It’s definitely one of the better DC movies and I’m excited what DC has in store for the future.