Bandersnatch is a Black Mirror film that came out on Netflix over break. It is about a young man in 1984 who is on the journey of making his own interactive computer game called “Bandersnatch”. The film itself is also interactive and there are many choices you get to make as the viewer throughout the movie. It is very interesting because there are multiple different endings to the film depending on the choices you make.

The only thing that annoyed me about this movie was that some of the endings were a lot better than the others. The first one I watched made me so angry due to how unsatisfying it was, but the second one I watched was a lot better and answered more questions. Almost everyone I’ve talked to has a different opinion on this movie depending on the ending they got. I am a fan of a lot of the Black Mirror episodes, so this was pretty exciting to me. Some of the people who star in Bandersnatch are Fionn Whitehead, Will Poulter, and Alice Lowe. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes Black Mirror or shows like it and who is looking for something fun to do.

Hint: choose “chop up dad”, it leads to the best ending!

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