Here We Go Again!

As you may know, my last blog post was about the original Mamma Mia movie. From my comments, I saw that many people loved that movie, so I decided to talk about the sequel. Mamma Mia 2 came out this past summer and everyone who has seen the first one was scrambling to go watch it. It takes place a few years later and continuously switches back from the past and present. In the present, Sophie has redone her mother’s small hotel and is having a grand re-opening. She invited all her old friends and her three “dads” to come visit the island. In the past, it shows the story of a young version of her mother, Donna, meeting each one of Sophie’s possible fathers and discovering herself in her post-college years. This movie includes some of the amazing songs from the first movie along with some new ones. I thought the sequel was just as amazing as the first movie, and I highly recommend watching it!

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Bohemian Rhapsody is the new movie that shows the epic story of the band Queen and their lead singer Freddie Mercury. It begins with showing how Freddie meets the rest of the band members and then follows their career taking off. The movie highlights the hardships that Queen faced, how the four men became a family, and the details of Freddie Mercury’s life and sexuality. Also, Queen has amazing music that is played and performed throughout the movie that makes you just want to get up and sing along. This was a very powerful movie and I would HIGHLY recommend going to see it in theaters!

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A Star is Born

This exciting movie came out at the beginning of October and has been a common source of conversation for over a month now.  This movie shows a very moving story about a famous male singer (portrayed by Bradley Cooper) who meets a woman in a bar (portrayed by Lady Gaga) with an amazing singing voice.  He takes her out and brings her on stage at one of his gigs, where she is discovered and her career takes off. The two fall in love, and the movie follows their life story and shows the ups and downs of relationships and careers.

This is a very well filmed movie with an excellent soundtrack, but it does have a very upsetting ending. I loved the movie up until the last 20 minutes, and the ending left me thinking about the movie for days. This movie was extremely powerful and well written and I would recommend going to see it in theaters while you still can!

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