Many teachers post online notes, study guides, SOL review, etc. on Google Slides throughout the school year. Sometimes, different slideshows get lost on teacher’s feed in Google Classroom and important notes are hard to find. This is why some teachers started printing out notes from Google Slides for their students to use in class. However, all teachers don’t print out slideshows for their students to use. This is why you can learn to print out Google Slides on paper to stay organized, and study the right way!


  1. Open up the Google Slides that you want to print out (it can be ‘View Only’).
  2. Select File, then select ‘Print Settings and Preview‘ in the drop down.
  3. A new page with the slides should open up. *If the page shows a “Preview Not Available” that means that the slideshow is too heavy to display on screen. The slides will still be able to print. If the page appears blank, try refreshing the page or reentering the Google Slides. The slides should appear in about 10-15 min. If this does not work, continue onto next steps anyway.
  4. On the top row of options, select the button to the right of ‘Close Preview’.
  5. A dropdown should appear showing the number of pages for each page being printed. Select your preference. *Anything more than 6 slides per page will be too small to read.
  6. Select print on the top row of options. Wait for Preview to load.
  7. Change the range of pages to print as needed.
  8. Make sure ‘Destination’ is set to Willard (WMS) Library, or whichever printer you are using.
  9. Hit Print!
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