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Chromebook Support Page

I never thought this could happen, but suddenly, the touchscreen on my Chromebook stopped working! Good news, there’s a way to fix it:

  1. Brush off any dust sitting on the screen using a cloth, not your hands! 
  2. Click the Esc button numerous times on the keyboard.
  3. Drum your fingers lightly on the surface on the Chromebook screen for 10 seconds. This makes your Chromebook familiar with finger pad contact again.
  4. Power off your Chromebook, and turn it on.

*From experience, my touchscreen was back to normal after the first two steps of this procedure! However, for special cases, this is what to do if the problem still occurs:

5. Restart your Chromebook with a hard reset.

6. If the touchscreen is not working under a certain account on your Chromebook, LCPS or personal, delete the account and re-add it.