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I have to admit, there are millions of websites and apps that are labeled “#1 site for students to engage with classroom!” or “Most engaging student app for teachers to use!”. Unfortunately, it’s tough to find a legitimate source that isn’t too complicated or too predictable. On the bright side, Pear Deck is the real deal

Most teachers are already transfixed by Pear Deck, so why not join crowd? This website gets students and teachers intrigued right from the home page; they have a clear point to get involved with schools through Google Classroom and Slides, and teachers can quickly whip up practice activities for their students through lcps and gmail accounts. Look at that, no one can resist a cool new feature coming from their own backyard! Students have been using Google Classroom and Google applications for ages, and it is far more easier to get them involved with something that’s familiar to them!

Teachers fall in love with Pear Deck because it gives them a freedom they’ve never had before— twenty-five sets of eyes, for all twenty-five of their students! Teachers are able to physically see their kids gears turning as they watch them draw, type, and create from their screens all at once. With this freedom, students are also granted a secret wish that they will never admit— having the teacher explain a confusing concept without having to say a word or be called out in front of the whole class! An individual might see the teacher pull up a wrong answer on the board, but all peers can shamelessly watch as the teacher explains the concept in front of the whole class without exposing anyone.

What more can you ask for? Watch this intro into Pear Deck to see why it’s actually a good source for classrooms!