Good day everyone, I hope all of you are doing very well. This new poem is inspired by some of the reading I have done recently. I have been reading the Throne of Glass series and its world has enraptured my psyche. Its vivid emotion and storytelling is so wonderful and I have gotten fully wrapped up in the characters. I urge all of you to read this series and anything else written by Sara J. Maas. This poem is focused on a recurring theme in her books. Queens. The difference between a lady, warrior, and a Queen. This is a very specific concept that she explains better than I could but I tried to capture some of it here.

The Drink I suggest for this poem is any spiced hot drink. Maybe a strong tea with no sugar or milk, or a spiced cider. Something that will burn your tongue and make you remember its taste.


The Queen


It didn’t sting.

It didn’t sting when the fire flowed around her fingers.

It didn’t sting when the blood flowed from her back.


Her boots roaring through the hall,

the sound crashing into everyone,

all on their knees.



19 years.

Blood, death, icour.



19 years.

Light, joy, fire.


The metal clicked against the stones with the strength of the fire of a woman who had lost everything,

And fought to get it back.


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