Hello everyone. I’m not going to give any context for this one. I think everyone should just read it and interpret this on their own. I will however, give a drink suggestion. This poem deals with very sensitive and subtle topics, so I suggest a flowery tea, or maybe a water with fruit juice. I don’t know, just something that is very small, but means a lot and fills you up. If you are making flowery tea, don’t use sugar, use honey, and only a little. You don’t want the tea to be bitter but you want to still be able to taste the flowers. Now that you’ve got your drink, enjoy this poem by me.


The Blue Violet


It’s always been in my front garden.

Always right next to the others.

Not more vibrant or more violent like the sunflower,

Not more fragile or more fleeting like the rose,

No, the violet shall remain unhindered,

til the garden in whole deposed.


It rained today.

The other flowers started to drown but not the violet.

She raised her head and blushed at the attention.

She’s always been shy like that.

The water hugging her stamen and petals like an old friend.

She savoured the touch as it slipped off of her leaves,

never to return again.


The next day I went back to that space in the bed.

I stared at the chlorophyll lining her veins,

wondering what it would be like to pierce them and drink her nectar like I’ve always wished to.

The sweet, flowing blood and passion,

breathing heavy, shuffling feet,

stolen smiles, awkward distances–


And I am on the ground again.

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