Good day everyone! I hope all of you are doing well. Often I find myself very bored and extremely despondent in math class. Personally it doesn’t fulfill me in any way. To some people I’m sure it’s a wonderful thing and that’s lovely! But yesterday, I was done. I felt strange, very off, and just couldn’t function. Just so you all know, I have anxiety and depression and I take medication for it. Now, at the end of the day my meds start to wear off and I become extremely tired and can’t really concentrate. So, it was math class and I was just not really working. Because of this, I reverted back to what I know best: writing. I ended up writing a whole poem in the middle of math class and I thought it was worth sharing. So here is my newest poem,  Swimming in Numbers.

Quickly before we begin, I’ll share the drink that I would recommend for this poem. Because math is slightly sour (at least to me) I think it’s fit for a chilling glass of lemonade. Add a 2 to 4 squeezed lemons (or however many you want) into a pitcher. Then add water to fill it up. As I have said before, adding sugar to cold drinks is never good. Because of this and also the fact that lemonade is sweet, I suggest honey. Honey is a wonderful thing and perfect for this purpose. However, if you are vegan then agave nectar works just as well. This recipe is very loose, and really is just about what you want it to be, so be sure to taste and adjust along the way. Then stir and you’re done! Now please enjoy my poem Math Class: Swimming in Numbers


Math Class: Swimming in Numbers

For some it may be fun.

For some it may be there to help.

But at least for me

It’s no fun, you see-

All scoldings and numbers and bores.



That is how I would describe it.

Like the repetition of a hive,

The numbers whirling, whirling, whirling.

All they seem to do is writhe.


My mind is teeming,

All it wants to do is leave.

Agony! Agony! Agony!

Of this pain please let me shrieve.


My mind fogged thick with exhaustion,

my eyelids subjugated down.

Teacher talking, talking, talking,

Why is her talking round?


There is no creativity,

just equations and functions and mess.

The whole world seems covered in them,

All you want to see is less.

3 thoughts on “Swimming in numbers: A.D. October 12, 2018”

  1. I love how you talk about what to drink while reading, it really brings it all together! Honestly, I love math and this is still how I feel in math class.

  2. I don’t really like math either. The only thing i like is the fibonacci sequence.

  3. That’s a really cool poem! I can relate though, sometimes math is so boring.

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