Unit 4 project

https://sites.google.com/s/1DBhxqNm5vT9dqfldTSJLG_XGMiUrfDkb/p/1h32FMXG2c6fHZyaCZhtwyWMOoQ62QXpf/edit I sent my communication to my mom because my targeted audience is consumers. My rhetorical situation influenced my genre because consumers prefer to shop online as it is more convenient, so a website would be fitting. I picked some relatable pictures that will appeal to a large number of people. Some of the changes I made to […]

“one last game”

Finally, I’m home. I can relax and get on with the boys. When we get home we get everything we need to do out of the way, so then when its time to play we are going to be undisturbed. Right as soon as we press the on button and see the loading screen pop up we are […]

the summer entering 9th grade

Finally, done with middle school. Although my friends and I were just the top dogs of the school, being the oldest kids there, we knew that the cycle would begin again and we would be the youngest just like in 6th grade. We all knew that we would be able to go on new adventures and […]

My bed

My bed… the piece of furniture that I can not live without. I’m sure that lots of people love their bed, but not in the same way I do. I basically live in my bed, I do almost every single activity in it. Which is not a great thing, and once I go off to […]

Heritage Basketball

After the 8th grade ended, I had so many emotions flowing through my mind. I was ecstatic that it was summer time, I was happy to finally be in highschool, and extremely nervous. One month after summer started there was a Heritage basketball camp, and I was going to attend it with some of my […]

Highschool artifact

I probably spend majority of my free time playing basketball, whether that be at LA fitness or on 2K. My artifact, the mini hoop, is just symbolic of my passion. If you are ever looking for me, I am most likely at LA fitness at the court. Even though LA is meant for the weights […]

organic object- baby carrot

I never imagined writing about a baby carrot. I thought it would be impossible to describe a carrot and here I am talking to one, asking it how it feels. Oh baby carrot how you differ from your larger counterpart the carrot. Do you grow any differently than regular sized carrots. There appear to be […]

Hello world!

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