Wellness Fair helps students destress

On Wednesday, Mar. 27, Freedom High School students participated in the Wellness Fair during advisory. From gardening to dancing, healthy cooking to board games, there were many different activities for students to partake in. “I did the hanging gardens, and while it was really hard to cut the plastic, the actual act of gardening was […]

Advantages of spring sports

It is believed that spring sports do not allow for students to be focused enough on school work, but there are more benefits than negatives that are often looked over. The timing of spring sports puts them around the third and fourth quarters that are arguably the academically hardest times of the year.  Here are the […]

Varsity girls drenched but not defeated

While most students came home from school on April 12 feeling relaxed after weeks of anticipating their spring break, Freedom girls varsity lacrosse players were not going home just yet. After a long drive, they played against Tuscarora High School in rain and downpour and won 17-7. In the first half of the game, the […]

“All American” TV Show Review

Drama series “All American” premiered on The CW late 2018, and recently released its first season on Netflix. Created by April Blair and inspired by the true story of Spencer Paysinger, the show follows the life of Spencer James. Played by Daniel Ezra, James is a star football player at his high school in Crenshaw, […]

One Step at a Time – Hero in the Hallway

On Wednesday, April 10, students gathered in the auditorium for Freedom’s annual Hero in the Hallway assembly. The assembly featured a variety of students participating in both performances and social experiments. “My favorite part of the assembly was when Lizzy [Morales] and Mr. Markosky went on stage,” said senior Rebecca Sertse. “It was really heartwarming.” The […]

Freedom’s Varsity Girls Lacrosse close call to Potomac Falls

Freedom High School played against Potomac Falls on April 10.  Potomac scored two goals with in the first five minutes, with Freedom making their first goal later in the game. Junior Julia Riley won the drawing for Freedom, allowing the team to take the ball down the field and to take the lead. But, the […]

What Does Freedom of Speech Mean to You?

  Five high school students are suspended for wearing black armbands to mourn the casualties of the Vietnam War. This is the premise for the famous Supreme Court case of Tinker vs. Des Moines. The court ruled that schools are not allowed to restrict students’ freedoms. After all, freedom is the basis of American values. […]

Difficult Disappointments: “The Bachelor” Season 23 Review

After 10 drama-filled weeks, season 23 of the hit reality franchise “The Bachelor” has come to a bittersweet end. Our Bachelor, Colton Underwood (27), a former San Diego Chargers player and creator of the Legacy Foundation, has fallen in love with Cassie Randolph (23), a speech pathologist and surfing enthusiast. From the first rose ceremony […]

An Important Slice Of Life: “One Day At A Time” Review

Netflix has released many original programs since 2013. Quite recently, Netflix released the third season of their hit “dramedy” “One Day At A Time.” The sitcom follows the Alvarezes, a Cuban-American family and their eccentric landlord Schneider. The story revolves around Penelope, a war veteran and single mother, who has to raise her daughter and […]

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