Welcome To The Neotheater

As of May 8, 2019, AJR’s new album “Neotheater” has been ranked as the #1 alternative album on The Rock Charts after coming in at a #8 overall debut. Despite this fame, AJR started out with quite the humble beginning, with its roots go back to the viral YouTube video of their single “I’m Ready.” […]

Freedom Boys Soccer Takes on Stone Bridge Bulldogs for District Tournament

Freedom Eagles Boys Varsity Soccer team took on Stone Bridge at Broad Run High School on May 20 in the District Tournament. Before this game, the Freedom boys had a record of 10-5-1 this season and Stone Bridge had a record of 2-11-0. In the first quarter, Stone Bridge’s team shot a free kick, which […]

Rolling Thunder Rides One Last Time

The 31-year tradition of Rolling Thunder has finally come to a close. The organizers of the annual rally have decided to stop the ride due to increased costs for organization and multiple conflicts with Pentagon security. So for the last time, on May 26, thousands of motorcyclists rode to and through the capital. Rolling Thunder […]

Pushing your boundaries

Over the past summer, I had the distinct opportunity of attending the Virginia Governor’s Spanish Academy. Even after knowing that I had been admitted to this program after a rigorous application process, I still felt very insecure about attending the academy. Would I be able to survive without speaking English for three weeks? Could I […]

A Copy & Paste RomCom: “The Perfect Date” Movie Review

When the trailer for Netflix’s “The Perfect Date” dropped, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The plot seemed like your standard teenage romantic comedy, but with the slight twist of an app being involved. I went into it ready for the movie to prove me wrong, and it didn’t. The story centers around a high […]

Are teens becoming detached from the importance of family?

Teens are beginning to become detached from the importance of family. In the past, family time was very common and seen as a normal outlet for spending your Saturday night. Now, it seems as though spending time with family is considered a waste of time. Students who prefer to spend time with family over time […]

Freedom goes acoustic for FHS unplugged

On May 20, the Music Appreciation Club held the second annual FHS unplugged on the lunch patio. In the sweltering afternoon heat, 10 performers came together to create a unique musical experience for their peers. While the event was created in the image of MTV unplugged, performers were not required to perform acoustically. Many opted […]

So what is with the war on drugs?

From its experience with the Medellin Cartel’s sale of cocaine in cities like Miami and New York City to the introduction of crack in urban environments, the United States is no stranger to drug trafficking. The United States became world renown for its efforts during Ronald Reagan’s crackdown on narcotics and its involvement in patrolling […]

Exploring virtual classrooms

In Loudoun County, students have the opportunity to take a variety of advanced courses that are not offered in other school districts, often due to a lack of funding and teaching resources. However, some students may be surprised to know that Freedom is actually one of the only schools in the county that hosts a […]

Outdoor Track and Field Enters Post Season

After Freedom High School’s final track meet of the season and final home meet as well on May 8, post-season has begun. Districts took place at John Champe High School on Wednesday, May 15, and Thursday, May 16, consisted of eight teams in the district: Briar Woods, Broad Run, John Champe, Freedom, Potomac Falls, Rock […]

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