Meet Hakon Grant

Although preschool is around the time where kids begin reciting the alphabet or developing their motor skills, junior Hakon Grant was busy doing something else: playing the piano. Around the time he was in preschool, Grant had already taken a strong interest in the musical instrument. Ever since then, he has been strengthening his interest […]

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Uplifting questions for Freedom

Ever wanted to make someone crack a smile or brighten their day? This is a daily routine for senior, Christian Poland. Over the past couple months of his senior year, Poland has been creating power points with thought provoking questions to teachers around Freedom.  Over the past few months Poland has been trying to brighten […]

A Teacher’s Graduation to High School

As students at Freedom may have recognized, many new teachers have arrived at the school this year. Lauren Krause has previously taught German I and II at J. Michael Lunsford Middle School for the past six years. Although she has plenty of experience, teaching high school students for the first time is a completely different […]

To the Beat of His Own Drum

Meet Ryan O’Connor. He is a junior at Freedom High School and spends his time striving to become a successful musician. O’Connor is currently the drummer for the band Good Grief, an alternative rock band inspired by the likes of Weezer and Alkaline Trio. Their biggest song on Spotify currently has over 3,000 listens. While […]

Jiggin’ to the Southern Region Oireachtas

Irish Dancing is a form of traditional dance that has been around for hundreds of years, encompassing solo and group dancing. Ava Proehl is a junior at Freedom High School who has been doing Irish dancing for nine years. “Irish dancing is such a unique sport, and I love all the opportunities and connections that […]

Who is guitar man?

Like many students at FHS, junior Brigham Dalean doesn’t go through a school day without music. Dalean doesn’t just listen to music, he also provides it. Dalean walks the halls nearly every morning and between classes playing his guitar for students to listen to. Dalean first started playing guitar in the seventh grade, inspired by […]

A Note From Your Officers

Freshman Class President: Being freshman class president is Sam Yousef’s first experience with being part of a school leadership position. He wanted to see how the school ran and gain the experience of being a class officer, and now he’s determined to make a good impression. “I want to make an impression that I’m a […]

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