Virtual Loudoun: A New Way for Students to Learn

Virtual Loudoun provides an easily-accessible way to take classes online, either to make space for an elective at school or fulfill pre-requirements for one next year. A majority of people take Virtual Loudoun in order to take their time on a class they need. “The major benefit of taking an online course is creating space […]

Men’s Chorus Engage in Challenging Music for State Choral Assessment

Freedom High School’s Men’s Chorus is a diverse group of musicians that bring a sense of family and a challenging musical education to the classroom. Even though there are 23 members of the chorus now, when director Laura Lazarevich took over the ensemble three years ago, there were only four. The biggest challenge for the […]

Explore the Business World by Joining DECA

Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) is providing a platform for students to travel and network while participating in competitions. To join the club, being in a marketing class is a prerequisite. DECA advisor and marketing teacher, Kerri Rosenzweig said in order to be visible inside the school, DECA organizes the school store and runs […]

Calming public speaking fears

High School is a place where individuals are able to express themselves, and to do that they need to know how to speak confidently in public. Multiple students stand in front of the classroom, flashcards in hand, rehearsing their lines for their presentation. When it’s time for them to present, their minds goes blank. According […]

Struggling to manage stress?

By Camille Desjardins  Despite their different grades, levels of intelligence or lifestyles, stress can happen to any high school student. “[Stress] affects [the students’] mood, it affects the way they eat, the way they socialize with people, it affects how they get sick, how much they can heal from getting sick,” Health and PE teacher […]

Clubs in the Real World

By Arnav Kumar Freedom offers a wide range of clubs and extracurriculars, giving each one of its 2,000 students the chance to participate in an activity that he or she is passionate about it. Students often pick clubs based off of their aspirations for college and their potential careers; however, doing so can blind students […]

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