Mr. Freedom (Senior Games)

On Friday, May 18,  Freedom hosted the Senior Games, also known as Mr. Freedom. This comedic talent show featured 11 male seniors who performed a group dance, showcased their talents and answered questions. The SCA hosted this event as a fundraiser for next year’s homecoming, and juniors and seniors were invited to watch the games. […]

Yearbooks have arrived!

It’s crunch time for yearbook staff in 603, also known as distribution week! This means unboxing, stuffing, sorting and selling books whenever they get the chance. Since the beginning of summer, the entire yearbook staff has put in numerous hours to publish a year’s worth of memories for the school year of 2017-2018, and EVERYTHING […]

FHS Raises $45,429 at Third Annual Charity Prom

On April 27, Freedom hosted its third annual St. Jude Charity Prom at the Bellevue Conference and Event Center. The previous two charity proms were held at FHS. This year, the junior class officers and their sponsor, Jessica Connors, decided to add a new twist to the annual tradition by moving the dance off campus. […]

A Walk Through Worlds: A Complete History of the Art and Literary Magazine

High School- what is it? What defines it? What makes it what it is? The answer is the students. Every teenager who treads the teeming hallways of Freedom High School is a unique individual, and it all adds up to be a radiant, kaleidoscopic dream of personalities and ambitions, all streaming outwards to join the […]

An Unsung Hero Among Freedom Staff

A major spotlight is on Tim Tyler, a custodian who regularly walks the halls of Freedom High School protecting students from threatening germs and illnesses. He’s called an innovator at the front line of defense in stopping germs. “I love the school,” Tyler said. “The students are very polite and the staff is great.” Tyler […]

Teachers Transitioning from Paper to Online

Paper is a tool that most people use on a daily basis, but is there an alternate option? Students at Freedom High School are becoming a part of a change by transitioning to electronic learning, which is not only getting rid of binders, but also modifying the weight of their backpacks. FHS science teacher Kevin […]

Starting a Dialogue

In high school, almost 100 percent of the student and teacher population face stereotypes on a daily basis. Individuals can be categorized by aspects such as their gender and race to their looks and abilities. “A lot of people think that just because I’m white that I’m dumb, and because I’m a girl, I’m not […]

Issues with Navigating the Road

South Riding citizens face issues navigating the road with impatient drivers and unsure pedestrians commuting to their destinations. The daily flow of late comers to school or work results in traffic and drivers making unsafe shortcuts. People in South Riding wait while crossing the street, and citizens drive in between trafficking rules. “I definitely think […]

Philosophers of the Round Table

Every year, the FHS philosophy club hosts FreedomX, an event that mimics the same forum as TEDx — with a number of presentations made by students. This year was their fifth annual event, and on Jan. 2018, 11 students came together to discuss topics ranging from Israeli art, hyperreality, and even death. The topic of […]

Freedom hosts 11th annual International Night

Freedom held the 11th annual International Night on Thursday, April 26. The production was organized by English as a Second Language teacher Jackie Clement and FHS senior Kate Pearson. Along with various cultural dances, International Night also includes a fashion show where students and teachers model traditional attire. Despite having to be rescheduled, there was […]

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