Get Through It – A Message Through Music

The rigorous nature of certain classes, the anxiety of cramming for the SATs, the mind-numbing process of college applications; now factor in the new virtual setting and COVID-19 prompted uncertainties. This stress-inducing situation is what the majority of Freedom High School’s upperclassmen experience as the unique 2020-21 school year kicks off. However, to combat this […]

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U.S. Students Head Back to School Differently

As with everything in 2020, the start of the school year around the country has been anything but normal.  Loudoun and Fairfax counties made the decision to begin the school year virtually, while school districts in other states took a different approach.  In the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, parents were given the option of […]

Do Politics Affect Friendships?

In society today, individuals live with people who have all different opinions and viewpoints, especially on politics. Political parties are a direct representation of the different ways our society is divided based on beliefs. Because of this division among the people, a varied amount of political viewpoints intersect within all types of relationships, even closer […]

Making the Effort to be Mindful

With the extensive changes caused by COVID-19 academics continues to be no exception. To lessen the effects of screen time and online learning, health and physical education teacher, Sarah Verdis has created a slideshow intended to make students practice mindfulness.  “Mindfulness allows us to show up and experience every moment as our full, true selves,” […]

Library Starts Curbside Pickup

The library at Freedom decided to start curbside pickup for students to check out books they want to read since they can’t go to school to borrow books. Since schools aren’t open due to COVID-19, many students haven’t been able to checkout and read books. To help students get books in their hands, the librarians […]

FHS Special Education Sheds Light on the Struggles of Distance Learning

Distance learning, one of many changes brought by COVID-19, has proven to be a real challenge for students and teachers at Freedom High School, especially for those who are part of the Special Education Program.  Patricia Lodi, a special education teacher at Freedom, acknowledges that there are many hurdles in the virtual learning world for […]

COVID Brings New Activities to South Riding

Since the pandemic started, South Riding’s had to get creative with everything. Online school, social distancing, and shopping online to name a few. But some people have taken their creativity to the next level and brought great ways to have fun during the pandemic. SR Coffee Co.: SR Coffee Co. (South Riding Coffee Company) has […]

Virginia Public Schools Go Online

After the spread of COVID-19 in March 2020, Loudoun County and other public school organizations were tasked with finding a sufficient online alternative for students to continue their courses and finish out the 2019-2020 school year. Now, public school systems have been presented with a new challenge to determine which plan works best for their […]

Distance Learning Reshapes Electives

The new virtual school year has brought many changes, especially in electives where some classes almost require in-person teaching and hands-on activities.  With the pandemic going on, Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) decided on distance learning for the first semester. However, many electives at Freedom need to be taught in class. The class may require […]

Seniors make a memorable start to their unconventional year

As the school year begins, many senior students are feeling the loss of their last Homecoming, spirit week, and fall season of football games. Despite this disappointing setback, the senior class has still chosen to make the best of a bad situation.  Senior sunrise is a popular tradition that takes place for the senior class […]

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