ISR students gearing up for the science fair

Mutations, women’s health, teen depression and solar energy storage are just a few examples of the student researched science projects for this year’s science fair. After last year’s success, the Independent Student Research (ISR) students are starting their experiments in preparation for the Freedom science fair on Feb. 13. In 2019, 12 students/partnerships were chosen […]

Snow Days Are Adding Up for FHS Students

As the end of the quarter comes upon FHS, one thing many students did not anticipate was having more break after winter break, but snow days surprised everyone and even caused some issues. Typically when student’s get the call from Wade Byard, social media explodes with excitement, but with these snow days being so dangerously […]

FHS Students Build Relationships Through YoungLife

Students at Freedom High School are creating strong connections through YoungLife, a Christian Organization founded in 1941 that is made for teenagers to practice fellowship and grow with others who share the same faith as them.   Through this welcoming organization, many students have grown to have a sense of belonging and kinship. “My favorite part […]

Life After the Holidays

The holiday season has officially come to an end, and that leaves some students with a gigantic concern: what to do now? As 2020 has officially begun, many holidays have been left behind in 2019, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even though this can be viewed as a fresh start, like New Years resolutions, […]

FHS Unified Basketball Competes Against Riverside

On Friday, Dec. 31, FHS’ Unified Basketball team completed against Riverside’s unified team. The team is preparing to start their Unified Track season. “I think the game was a lot of fun for everyone involved,” said Luke Proehl, freshman and Unified Basketball team member. He said that it was “great” for students to “have fun […]

The Stress with Holiday Homework

The holiday season is upon Freedom High School, and with that also comes the massive time crunch between Thanksgiving and winter break. Third quarter is nefarious for its stressful amounts of homework which are expected to be completed in the awkward three week period, and this is affecting mental health and the overall tone of […]

Making Ribbons For The Right Cause

For the past two weeks leading up to Dec. 20, multiple clubs have taken time to support the Freedom High School DECA chapter by making ribbons for the upcoming Gold Rush game. FHS DECA has combined with multiple other clubs this year for their annual community service project, the Gold Rush game. The game takes […]

Inclusive Schools week recap

During Dec. 2 – 6, Freedom celebrated Inclusive Schools week. Freedom HOPE club and Unified Sports sponsored many events throughout the week with the special education students at Freedom. Inclusive Schools week works to make sure students feel included, and gives them a chance to be represented and celebrated within the school. The week started […]

Varsity Gymnastics Senior Night: A Win For The Eagles

On Wednesday Dec. 4, 2019, the Freedom High School varsity gymnastics team held the first home meet, dedicating the night to the seniors.  It was a successful night for the team as they placed first with a total score of 145.025. Following the team was John Champe with 128.900, Broad Run with 113.825 and Rock […]

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