4 Years Later: Class of 2020 Finally Holds the Spirit Stick

Pep rally day-the classes are shortened, the face paint is on, and the school spirit is radiating through the halls. The tension between classes is high, with the spirit point tally fluctuating with who is in first place all week. But it was finally the day that students found out who is going to be […]

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Spirit Week Day 4: Throwback Thursday Styles

Ever miss 70’s bell bottoms or 90’s chokers? Good news! Each class represented their favorite decade on Thursday, Oct. 3, with the freshman rocking their 90’s ripped jeans and plaid skirts. The sophomores were on cruisin’ in 50’s leather pants and T-birds jackets. Juniors exploded with color with their neon fishnets and off the shoulder […]

Spirit Week Day 3: Wednesdays are for the USA!

Mid-week of the 2019 homecoming spirit-week, Freedom dedicates the day to the United States, dressing up in red white and blue from head to toe. From painted legs and faces to American flag pants and onesies, the FHS student body comes up with all sorts of ways to be patriotic.  “U.S.A. day is honestly my […]

Homecoming Spirit Week Starts with a Splash of Color

Homecoming Spirit week has officially started! The week is kicking off with monochrome Monday, Sept. 30. Students dressed in one color from head to toe. Students started off strong decked out in all black, gray, white or even pink. The junior class had the best participation, with 295 people participating. The sophomore class came in […]

Spirit Week Day 2: ¿So You Like Piña Colada?

Guess what week it is? That’s right, it’s officially spirit week! With Homecoming coming up this weekend, on Oct. 5, students are in full spirit-mode and are decked out in their most tropical outfits. From Hawaiian shirts to tiki skirts, students are eager to rock their trop and earn spirit points for their class.

LCPS invests in diverse texts for all K-12 English classrooms

LCPS stated in August that the county is “celebrating its student population with an investment in diverse text collections for all K-12 English Language Arts classrooms.” Dozens of diverse books were selected for each grade level by LCPS teachers, administrators, and specialists trained to identify “culturally responsive and diverse texts,” LCPS states on the English […]

Opening restaurants explore new opportunities

In the South Riding community, many teenagers have jobs. For teenagers, having a job can have many benefits such as money and time management skills, and having a source of income for different opportunities in the area.  A job can also help teenagers transition from being less reliant on their parents.  “I like having a […]

A Personalized Goodbye

Decorating graduation caps is a tradition Freedom students have been doing for years. Not everybody is artistic, nor do they have the time to decorate a cap, so senior Josh Lee decided to help out his peers by decorating their caps for them. By using scrapbook paper, markers and paint, Lee is giving each student […]

Summer in the City: A Complete Guide to Washington DC

After a while, staying in NOVA over the summer can get stale. However, going into DC for the day can be intimidating, as there’s so much to do, see and eat. Getting from South Riding to DC is easy with the help of the metro. Taking the metro is a more effective option than driving […]

Freedom’s Gymnastics Rewarded After Hard Work At States

The Freedom’s Gymnastics State champions are officially able to celebrate with their new addition, rings. Four months later and after a season of hard work, the rings have been received. The rings were given to the team at the Freedom’s softball game on May 28. After a season full of wins, the team now celebrates […]

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