The Real Definition of Junior Year

When entering high school, each grade level has a label that most students use to characterize how the whole year will go. Freshman year is designated as the year where everyone in the school dislikes you and bullies you. Sophomore year is characterized as the easiest year because you have experience. Senior year is all […]

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Fall Family Recipe: Old-Fashioned Sweet Pumpkin Bread!

With the first day of fall come and gone, being on Sept. 23, along with the impending cold weather approaching NOVA, I thought it would be appropriate to prepare for this chilly season with a Fall-esque recipe. This recipe has been in my family for generations, passed down to make sweet pumpkin bread, setting the […]

Make Mini Pecan Pies this Fall!

Pecan pies are a personal favorite, despite the season. In fact, you could say they’re the apple of my pie. However, fall seems to be the only time of the year where I can make pies without getting concerned looks from my family (I baked a pumpkin pie in June. Sue me, mom). While we […]

Online Learning

Coming from a family of software engineers, I can find no way to avoid taking computer science courses in college. While I intend to pursue degrees in Economics and International Relations, my mother has already made it clear to me that I will bring shame to the family if I don’t learn to code in […]

From Northern Virginia to Southern California: A Student Perspective

As college decisions begin rolling in, seniors accepted to multiple colleges must begin to weigh their options, which can be an overwhelming process given that college represents four of the most important years of their lives. One of the biggest factors that goes into this process is location; for many students, a great distance from […]

How to Cure Senioritis

As second semester approaches, the class of 2019 is beginning to feel the symptoms of senioritis full-on. Seniors are becoming less and less motivated to study, complete assignments or put any effort into school at all. College acceptances are filling in, and instead of focusing on high school, seniors are pointed towards the future. Senior […]

50 New Year’s resolutions

From straight A’s to an improved sleep schedule, people are making their New Year’s Resolutions to better themselves. Here are 50 resolutions from your peers at FHS: Morgan Koeneke, 10: “to eat healthier” Riley Waldrop, 10: “to get more sleep” Haley Adams, 10: “stop drinking soda” Bella Pam, 10: “to drink more water” Grace Pounder, […]

5 Ways to Stay Productive This Winter Break

As winter break approaches, and students and staff alike are given over a week of free time, it is tempting to spend that time off watching TV in bed. Although there is nothing wrong in taking time to relax, using winter break as an opportunity to get ahead can be extremely beneficial. Here are some […]

The secret to productivity: not working?

We have all been there. The assignment is due at 11:59 p.m., yet we stare for hours at an empty Google doc until 11:10 p.m. rolls around. Then we are in the zone. Words start flying on the page at a rate that can only be achieved when under pressure, and even though we might succeed […]

To Do List: Fall 2018

Starting on Sept. 22, many fall season favorites start. Here in Northern Virginia, there are tons of activities to do with family and friends in every direction you go. Listed below are popular activities to do during fall in Virginia! FALL TO DO LIST: Hallmark Fall movies: every Saturday night at 9PM Fall Harvest is […]

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