Extended Summer Creates Unique Opportunities

With all the time Freedom students had over the summer, everyone seems to have been up to something new, whether it be finding a new hobby or achieving a goal. Some students had improved on their old hobbies, brushing off the dust, and some even learned something new. During his free time, sophomore Max Grefe […]

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Students Get Puppies During Quarantine

With the schedule completely free for weeks due to quarantine, many Freedom family’s decided it was a perfect time to add a new furry member to their families.  “I think that COVID did play a role into getting the dog at the time that we did because we knew that we would have everyone home […]

Matt the Minute of Silence Man

It’s a well known fact that everyday, Freedom High School observes a minute of silence during the morning announcements. Most students ignore the minute of silence, but it can be used to pray or simply to put one’s head down and rest. One student in particular, junior Matt Fegan, has been timing the minute of […]

FHS Students Build Relationships Through YoungLife

Students at Freedom High School are creating strong connections through YoungLife, a Christian Organization founded in 1941 that is made for teenagers to practice fellowship and grow with others who share the same faith as them.   Through this welcoming organization, many students have grown to have a sense of belonging and kinship. “My favorite part […]

Spending Winter Break in Great Britain

There are many great places to spend winter break, but perhaps the most unique and exhilarating is Great Britain. Consisting of England, Scotland and Wales, this European island boasts some of the most exciting tourist attractions. The first place I’d like to highlight is London. England’s capital has an array of spectacles, all within a […]

Reselling and Entrepreneurship Club: With Some Luck, Make Big Bucks

Freedom High School has a large variety of clubs, but very few offer the rare opportunity to profit. Seniors Paolo Romano and Jack Larmer founded Reselling and Entrepreneurship Club with the intentions of allowing students of all backgrounds, ages and experience levels to do just that. With the help of sponsor John Cunningham, Romano and […]

The Holidays Feel Different — Here’s Why

December typically brings joy and cheer as the various holidays are right around the corner, but in high school, students can have a different outlook. External pressures can create a less positive environment throughout the days leading into to winter break.  “There’s been a lot of other distractions with sports to make Christmas my priority,” […]

Having a Piece of Mind During the Holiday Season

The weeks leading up to the holiday season becomes very hectic with the combination of test and projects due before leaving for break and all else that comes with the holiday season. During this stressful time of year, it is very important to take time to relax and enjoy the season. Living in the present […]

The Benefits of Music

From warming up for games to doing homework, music can be beneficial in improving mindsets and overall moods.  “Music helps me de-stress from school,” junior Ashley Yoo said. Music is unique, as students can all listen to different types of music that fits their preferences. The different genres, spanning from Pop to Country to Rap, […]

Fall-Inspired Gluten-Free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies!

With it being the season of giving, I thought that it would be timely to publish another recipe, but this time for those who are gluten-free. There is a recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies that my family has tweaked in order for it to be gluten-free, as well as easily being nut-optional. Although […]

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